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There have been multiple reports of unethical business practices by 1XBet:

  • Withdrawals taking many weeks to complete
  • Lack of support
  • Even a few frozen accounts or regular thefts have been reported

Some customers seem to use them without any issues at all though.

Be careful when using them. Use only small sums, or avoid altogether if unsure.

Read more about 1xbet in our Community

Adjusting your bankroll while betting to reduce variance2021-10-22T14:49:31+02:00

Adjusting your bankroll while betting to reduce variance


In ValueBetting, we now calculate the correct Kelly stake size even with multiple open bets. Just go to options and make sure Adjust for open bets is enabled. With this feature, there is no need to update your bankroll several times every day. It is however still recommended to update your bankroll daily.


Sometimes it can be sensible to update your bankroll more than once per day to reduce variance. If you turn over a significant percentage of your bankroll each day, you need to update your bankroll more often. You can adjust your current bankroll under Options.


This is because the Kelly stake sizing is calculated using your bankroll. If you have half your bankroll in unsettled bets, and still calculate stake sizing based on your full bankroll, you might be taking more risk than you want.

A reasonable way to do this could be to remove half of the total amount of open bets from your bankroll. Example: You have a total bankroll of 1000 units. If you have 500 units in open bets, you could subtract 250 (50% of 500) from your total bankroll. Enter your bankroll as 750 (1000-250).

This is also dependent on the average odds you place value bets on. For instance, if you only bet on value bets with odds 3.00, you will see way more variance than if your average odds is closer to 2.00. If you know that this applies to you, a more conservative approach could be to deduct the full amount of open bets from your bankroll.

No need if your bankroll is large

If you just turn over just a small percentage of your bankroll every day, there is little need to update your bankroll more frequently than once per day.

Also, you might have a large bankroll but chose to just use a small part of it. In this scenario there is also little need to frequently update your bankroll.

Arb Age2019-03-06T14:42:57+01:00

Arb Age

The arb “age” (located in the Arb Details panel) indicates when our servers first found the arb.
Arb Age Explained

Why does a new arb have an old arb age?

Arb age is set in our database when we first discover the arb. In RebelBetting, when an arb shows up as new, it does not mean it’s the first time our servers located the arb.

This means arbs can come and go for you depending on your bookmakers and limits.

For example:

  • You limit to only display arbs above 1%
  • We find an 0.9% arb and arb age is set, but it’s not visible to you
  • Later this arb increases to 1.1%
  • It will then show to you as a “new arb” but with an old arb age

Why do I never get an arb with low arb age?

1. You have the wrong time zone entered in RebelBetting, this can be changed in Options/User.

2. Your Windows clock is not synchronized. If your computer clock is ahead by 10 minutes, all arbs will have the “age” of +10 minutes. One way to be as synchronized as possible to our servers, is to automatically synchronize your computer time with an Internet time server. Read more about time synchronization with a Google search.

Asian Handicap betting2022-10-20T15:14:00+02:00

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting is a very popular market to bet on, and is one of many supported markets of RebelBetting. A handicap in betting means that the bookmaker has given a virtual advantage to one of the competitors.

They are often called Asian handicaps, or just ‘AH’, because of the popularity in many Asian countries. They are also known as line betting, the spread or points betting.

The main reason for handicapping is that the draw result is eliminatedRead all about Asian handicap bets in the Ultimate guide to sure betting. 

AH0 or Draw No Bet (DNB)

Draw no bet is a special case where no actual handicap is applied, but the draw is still eliminated. This is why it’s also sometimes called AH0 (Asian Handicap 0). If the match ends in a draw, your stake will be returned to you. No profit, no loss.

Half Asian Handicaps

The team gets half a goal handicap. This means the match including handicap cannot end in a draw. One of the teams will always win with “half a goal” when handicap is applied. Unlike Draw No Bet, there is no money back in any case. You will either win or lose your bet.

Quarter Asian Handicaps

A quarter goal Asian handicap is a 50/50 split between the two surrounding handicaps, with half of total stake going to each one of them. This means that a 1.75 handicap is really half a 1.5 and half a 2.0 handicap.

Asian Handicap outcomes

Below is a handy Asian handicap outcome table describing the various handicap types, and what happens in various scenarios:

Handicap Team result Bet result Handicap Team result Bet result
0 Win Win 0 Win Win
Draw Stake refund Draw Stake refund
Lose Lose Lose Lose
– 0.25 Win Win + 0.25 Win Win
Draw Half lose Draw Half win
Lose Lose Lose Lose
– 0.50 Win Win + 0.50 Win Win
Draw Lose Draw Win
Lose Lose Lose Lose
– 0.75 Win by 2+ Win + 0.75 Win Win
Win by 1 Half win Draw Win
Draw Lose Lose by 1 Half Lose
Lose Lose Lose by 2+ Lose
– 1.00 Win by 2+ Win + 1.00 Win Win
Win by 1 Stake refund Draw Win
Draw Lose Lose by 1 Stake refund
Lose Lose Lose by 2+ Lose
– 1.25 Win by 2+ Win + 1.25 Win Win
Win by 1 Half lose Draw Win
Draw Lose Lose by 1 Half win
Lose Lose Lose by 2+ Lose
– 1.50 Win by 2+ Win + 1.50 Win Win
Win by 1 Lose Draw Win
Draw Lose Lose by 1 Win
Lose Lose Lose by 2+ Lose
– 1.75 Win by 3+ Win + 1.75 Win Win
Win by 2 Half win Draw Win
Win by 1 Lose Lose by 1 Win
Draw Lose Lose by 2 Half lose
Lose Lose Lose by 3+ Lose
– 2.00 Win by 3+ Win + 2.00 Win Win
Win by 2 Stake refund Draw Win
Win by 1 Lose Lose by 1 Win
Draw Lose Lose by 2 Stake refund
Lose Lose Lose by 3+ Lose
AutoSurf failures2019-03-06T14:59:18+01:00

AutoSurf failures

The AutoLogin and AutoSurf are in some cases vulnerable to even the smallest change in a bookmakers web site. If this occurs the AutoLogin and AutoSurf will continue to fail until we have provided a fix for that bookmaker. There are however a couple of things you can do to help them work optimally.

  • Make sure that you have all your bookmaker languages set to the English language.
  • Make sure that you have entered the login details for every bookmaker correctly.
  • Install the latest version of Flash:
  • If the AutoSurf fails, it sometimes works when clicking the participant or event name or the black arrow button (this will retry the AutoSurf step).


If you do have Firefox installed on your computer:

If you do not have Firefox installed on your computer:


If you have performed the above tasks, but still experience issues with the AutoSurf, please contact us with a detailed explanation of the problem you have. Please provide us with the following information:

  • What bookmaker the problem is occurring at
  • A screen shot when the problem arises


PS. For some bookmakers, we can’t perform all the necessary steps in the AutoSurf.
We do take it as far as we can though. For some bookmakers this means that we can browse to the odds but not add the bet to the betslip, while for others we can only login.

Betfair and RebelBetting2019-03-06T11:35:32+01:00

Betfair and RebelBetting

If you don’t have a Betfair account yet, you should register now.

Betfair arbitrages

RebelBetting is a licensed Betfair software since 2014. This means we work together with Betfair to bring you the fastest possible odds updates and the most sports arbitrages.

New to sports arbitrage?

Did you know you can bet on both sides of a match and profit no matter the outcome?
RebelBetting helps turn gambling into an investment method using Betfair.

Read more about sports arbitrage (sure betting) here.

You need to log in to Betfair inside RebelBetting before you will get Betfair odds. This is a requirement from Betfair to keep track of their users.
Click on the “Betfair Login” button at the top right corner of RebelBetting to login. Your password will never be saved, only sent encrypted to Betfair.

Remember: if you don’t log in to Betfair you will not see any Betfair odds at all.

Placing a bet with Betfair

Some general information about the layout above:

  • You find the best odds available to the left.
  • “Available” means available market depth at Betfair
  • If the available market depth is smaller than your suggested bet-size, a warning will appear: “Stake is larger than available market depth”

Placing a bet on Betfair through RebelBetting is extremely easy

  1. Change your stake if needed
  2. Click the yellow “Place bet” button

If the checkbox “Confirm bets before placing” is ticked, you will need to confirm the bet before the bet is placed. Otherwise the bet will be placed instantly.

Login at startup

We strongly recommended you login to Betfair automatically when RebelBetting starts up. This will enable automatic background fetching of updated Betfair odds, which means many more arbitrage situations.

Login at startup is is enabled in Options / Bookmaker Setup / Betfair (click on screenshot above). You will then get a login form every time RebelBetting starts.

Betfair App Directory

RebelBetting is a certified Betfair application and can found in the Betfair App Directory.

Betfair Vendor Program

Proxy and Betfair

A security requirement from Betfair is that no proxy of any kind is used when communicating with them. This means if you must use a proxy, you cannot take advantage of the Betfair integration.
You do however have the option of running all Betfair communication directly, ignoring your proxy. (All other RebelBetting communication still use your proxy).

Can I run RebelBetting on a Mac?2021-09-16T13:16:38+02:00

Can I use it on a Mac?

Yes, RebelBetting products will work on a Mac. RebelBetting products are platform-independent and can be used with any web browser.

  • Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

Learn more about sure betting as an investment method.

Can I run RebelBetting on Linux?2021-09-16T13:12:49+02:00

Can I run RebelBetting on Linux?

You can run RebelBetting on Linux. RebelBetting products are platform independent and can be used with any web browser. 

Learn more about sure betting as an investment method

Can’t access

Can’t access

If you can’t access, please try their mirror website.

Cross Market sure bets2022-05-03T14:23:54+02:00

Cross Market sure bets

Cross market sure bets are a mix of two or more different markets. There are many possible combinations that can result in a sure bet. The examples below illustrate two basic combinations and how to calculate the results. Learn all about cross market bets and much more in the Ultimate sure betting guide. 

Example 1

A regular threeway (1X2) arbitrage, but replacing the bet on the home team with a simple Asian handicap bet.

Bet on Bookmaker Bet type
Team1 Bookie1 AH1(0)
Draw Bookie2 X
Team2 Bookie3 2



Team1 win: You will win your bet at Bookie1.
A draw: You will get your stake refunded at Bookie1 and win your draw-bet at Bookie2.
Team2 win: You will win your bet at Bookie3.


Example 2

A regular threeway (1X2) arbitrage, replacing the bet on the home team with a quarter Asian handicap bet.

Bet on Bookmaker Bet type
Team1 Bookie1 AH1(-0.25)
Draw Bookie2 X
Team2 Bookie3 2



Team1 win: You will win your bet at Bookie1.
A draw: You will win your draw-bet at Bookie2. Also you will get half your stake at Bookie1 refunded (Since AH1(-0.25) implies that you bet one half of your stake on AH1(0) and the other half on AH1(-0.5))
Team2 win: You will win your bet at Bookie3.


Over 17.000 cross market combinations!

The above examples are only two of many combinations available. Currently we support over 17.000 cross market combinations!

Cross market sure bets

Difference between ROI, yield and profitability2022-10-21T14:49:32+02:00

ROI vs Yield – what’s the difference?

ROI and Yield are a couple of the most important metrics in sports betting. In this FAQ, you will get to know what they mean and why they are important if you want to become a profitable sports bettor.

ROI – Return On Investment

ROI in sports betting is a measure of how much your bankroll increased during a specific period. This could for example be one month, one year or even since the beginning of your betting career.

ROI will typically increase over time, whereas Yield will stay roughly the same.

How do you calculate ROI?

Calculating your ROI is pretty straight forward. Just divide your Total profit with your Starting bankroll.

Example: You have made a profit of €900 and started with a €3,000 bankroll. To calculate your ROI: 900 / 3,000 = 0.30 = 30%. This means that your ROI would be 30% in this case.

Note: In RebelBetting, we show the ROI for each individual value- or sure bet. In this context, ROI shows how much you will profit by betting on one value bet or sure bet, compared to the money invested (the total stake).

Yield – Return per bet

Yield, in sports betting terms, means how much you profit per bet, or per unit invested (what you staked).

Your Yield is a measure on how efficient your betting is. It doesn’t take the size of your bankroll into account, so it’s a good relative number to compare with other trading strategies, or other users.

Also, Yield doesn’t change depending on bankroll and will typically not increase over time, as ROI does.

How to calculate Yield?

Calculating Yield in sports betting is also very easy. You just divide your Total profit with your Total stake (or turnover).

Example: As in the previous example, your Total profit is  €900. To achieve this profit, you have staked a total of €20,000. To calculate your Yield: 900 / 20,000 = 0.045 = 4.5%. This means that your ROI would be 4.5% in this case.

Equally important – the Closing Line Value (CLV)

Another equally important metric to measure if your betting is profitable is the closing line value or CLV.

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E-wallet – transfer funds to and from bookmakers2019-03-06T14:36:38+01:00


We recommend that you use Neteller or Skrill (Moneybookers) as your E-wallet. With an E-wallet account, you will avoid most of the transaction fees to and from bookmakers. Often, bookmakers charge you a fee if you deposit and/or withdraw with VISA or MasterCard.

Opening your E-wallet account is easy, but you will need to verify certain things with them (depending on what E-wallet you choose). Please be advised that this verification process could take a few days – but it is time well spent in the long run!

Skrill 20% Cashback

Neteller 20 USD bonus

Expected Value (EV) and Variance2022-11-21T15:52:53+01:00

Expected Value, Closing Line and Variance

Variance means you will experience both downswings and amazing profits when value betting. Here we explain variance and the importance of thinking long-term.

Profit and closing line value (CLV)

Profit (green) and the closing line value (CLV, in grey). CLV is your expected value, over time.


To understand why value betting works, you need to familiar yourself with some terms.

Value is the percentage you see beside every value bet in RebelBetting. This is the value (also called edge, ROI or yield) of this particular odds right now compared to the “true odds”. Note that a value might decrease or increase closer to match start, as the bookmakers converge closer to the true probability. This is called the closing line.

Closing Line Value (CLV) is based on the sharp bookmakers odds just before match start. We call this the true odds. This is proven to be the best predictor of the outcome of a match, with accuracy uncannily close to 100%.

We use CLV as the predictor of your expected value (EV). Both these terms can be used, and they mean the same thing in RebelBetting.

If you regularly bet on odds higher than the closing line, you will be profitable. This is called beating the closing line. ValueBetting customers beat the closing line over 80% of the time.

Note that even though the sharp bookmakers make extremely accurate predictions, this does not mean you will win every bet. You often bet on value bets with true odds over 2.0 (lower than 50% chance of winning), and often the underdog wins. This means your actual profit will at times differ a lot from the profit predicted by the CLV. This is called variance.

Variance measures the difference between your profit and the CLV. Or how far a set of numbers are spread out from their average value.

Profit, ROI and Yield measures your actual results, which depends on the outcome of the matches. Read more about the difference between ROI and Yield. In short, yield is the profit percentage per bet, or per euro staked. ROI (return on investment), is how much your bankroll have increased since the start.

Flat profit or unit profit is used when comparing users, betting systems or tipsters against each other, without taking bankroll size and betting strategy into account. It’s the profit you would have achieved if you used a flat staking strategy (also called fixed staking). This means betting one “unit” (1% of your bankroll) at each bet. A unit is different for every user, it can be €10 or €100 – since it’s a relative number you can easily compare the results. Note that betting using the Kelly criterion (a proportional staking strategy) will improve your profits compared to flat staking.

To view your ValueBetting profit and CLV, they are shown at the top of the BetTracker, and also in your detailed reports.

Coin toss example

The probability of a coin to land on Heads is 50%. But assume you get the odds 2.10 on Heads and bet €10.

  • If you win you profit €11
  • If you lose you lose €10

To calculate the expected value of the bet you can use this formula:
(profit per bet * probability of winning in decimals) – (loss per bet * probability of losing in decimals).
In this case: (€11 * 0.5) – (€10 * 0.5) = €0.5
Therefore you would expect to make an average profit of €0.5 (or 5%) for each €10 bet, because the odds offered are better than the implied odds of the coin toss.

However, after only one toss you would have either lost €10 or earned €11, not won €0.5. So if you only place 1 bet, the variance will be huge.

Variance will be higher in the beginning

Variance is particularly high when the sample size is small, for instance at the start of your value betting career:

Imaging if we place value bets with 4% value, at odds 2.00 with 1% of our stake. If the first bet loses your ROI is -1% but your yield is a scary sounding -100% (because your first and total stake was lost). If you then place two more bets which wins, your ROI is just +1% but your yield a fantastic +33%. This high variance will continue for some time, usually for hundreds of bets, especially if you have a streak of bad or good luck.

Streaks are more common than you think

After placing 1000 bets at 5% value (with win probability 53%), there is still a 25% risk that you will get 10 losses in a row!
As bas as that sounds, the upside more than makes up for it. The chance of getting 10 wins in a row with that edge is more likely than not; 54% over 1000 bets.

The more bets you place, the variance will have far less effect and your results will over time move closer and align with your expected value. Note that we’re not talking about a few hundred bets, it may require a couple of thousand bets. Read more about statistical significance in sports betting.

The importance of thinking long-term

It’s important to see value betting as a long-term way to profit. The number of bets, as well as using a staking and max bet strategy, play an important role to reduce variance. Here are some tips on how to reduce variance when value betting.

Downswings are unavoidable, but temporary

Downswings can feel disheartening and unfair. But it’s something you will have to handle, because they are unavoidable. But if you don’t give up, you will also overcome them all.

Handle downswings

It’s easy to get stuck focusing on the downswings. This is because we all suffer from loss aversion – the pain of losing is psychologically about twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining.

  • Take note and celebrate of your upswings – your lucky winning streaks when you’re clearly over expected value.
  • Understand why downswings happen. Let’s take the coin toss example again.

If you toss a coin 1500 times, there is a 52% chance you will get a streak of 10 heads or tails. This means if you place 1500 bets with an average true odds of 2.0 you have to expect 10 losses in a row. Or 10 wins. See this calculator.

You will overcome all downswings

If you’re having a downswing, there’s no need to panic. Your results will over time get closer to the expected value. This is because of two statistical tendencies: the law of large numbers and regression to the mean.

The law of large numbers explains that the average of the results obtained from a large number of trials should be close to the expected value, and will tend to become closer as more trials are performed.

This explains why your results tend to, over time, move closer and align with your expected value. Here are the real -life results of RebelBetting members value betting since 2020:

  • Of those placing 100 monthly bets or more, 79.7% are profitable
  • Of those placing 500 monthly bets or more, 90.0% are profitable
  • With 1000 monthly bets, expect 95% of months to be profitable

Regression to the mean is all about how data evens out. It basically states that if a variable is extreme the first time you measure it, it will be closer to the average the next time you measure it.

Large downswings from the expected value (a losing streak) is an extreme outcome and will tend to revert back to EV.

So if you have an expected value of 3%, your actual results will, over time, even out to 3% yield (profit per dollar spent). Once again, have patience and think long-term.

Author: Simon Renström, RebelBetting founder

Simon is the chief architect behind the sure betting and value betting products. A veteran software developer and entrepreneur that founded RebelBetting in 2007.

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Get started with a small bankroll2022-11-03T16:06:46+01:00

Get started with a small bankroll


If you have less than €100, you should start bonus hunting with Matched betting. You will usually get €100-200 from each new bookmaker in a short while, so earning €1500 in a couple of weeks is common. While investing just a few hours effective time! You can then return to MatchedBetting after a few months when new bonuses appear.

Value betting

After you have earned all possible bonuses, you can move up to Value betting. It’s our latest product, easy to use and with great yearly profits.

Sure betting

If you’re interested in minimizing your risks and bankroll swings, arbitrage trading (sure betting) is more your thing. Depending on your bankroll, we have two different alternatives.

If you have around €1500 or more, you’re ready to move up to Sure betting, our world famous sports arbitrage software since 2008. The Pro version is an advanced product with very little risk and the same profit potential as value betting.

Graphic issues with RebelBetting2019-03-06T15:34:30+01:00

Graphic issues

A few of our customers have reported a specific graphic distortion in the RebelBetting software (see the screenshot below). This is because of the DPI size used on their computer.

To correct this issue, please make sure that you are running the default DPI size (96) and that you are running 100% size of text (not 125% or 150%). Change this in your computers Control Panel – Display Options.

Hide low tier events2022-10-06T13:26:01+02:00

Hide low tier events

By enabling the hide low tier events checkbox, most value- and sure bets low tier leagues and tournaments will be hidden from the Bets-view. This is a filter specific option, which means that it is only applied for a specific filter (if you use multiple filters).

Enabling this option will decrease the number of bets significantly, as most smaller leagues will not be shown, but might help you stay under the bookmaker’s radar longer. The default setting is to show low tier events.

Option to hide low tier events


Tennis tournaments will always show, even lower tiers.

Note that a small number low tier leagues might still show even when this setting is active due to different names and format across bookmakers.

Horse racing rules2019-03-06T11:13:41+01:00

Horse racing rules

When betting on horse racing, there are two rules which you need to be familiar with. Those two rules are Tattersall’s rule and Dead Heat rule. Tattersall’s rule applies when a horse is withdrawn from the race before start. Dead Head rule applies when two or more horses are deemed winners.

Horse arbs in RebelBetting are always between a regular bookmaker and an exchange. These rules generally doesn’t affect your arb since you back and lay the same horse.

Tattersall’s rule (Rule 4 c deductions)

When you place your bet, the odds displayed are based on all horses running in the race. If a horse is a non runner, i.e. not starting, the price will be revised for the remaining horses. Most bookmakers follow the same reduction table. The table can be found here

However, betting exchanges apply the reduction a bit different. While Rule 4 is normally applied on the winnings, exchanges applies the rule on total return.

Dead Heat rule

A term to denote a tie between two or, rarely, more runners in a race. If there is a Dead Heat, you will win part of your bet and lose part of your bet. This rarely occurs.

How do I calculate the stakes in the arbitrage?2019-03-06T14:50:56+01:00

How do I calculate the stakes in the arbitrage?

Stakes are automatically calculated with the integrated calculator

You don’t have to!

The integrated calculator of RebelBetting automatically calculates the bet size at every bookmaker depending on:

  • what the odds are
  • what type of arbitrage it is, and
  • your total stake of the arbitrage


You can also enter a fixed stake at any bookmaker and the other stakes will update themselves accordingly.

There is also the option to maximize your stake to a certain outcome if you wish (and therefore profit more if that outcome hits).

How do I keep track of my bets?2019-03-06T14:31:34+01:00

How do I keep track of my bets?

Read more here: How to log your bets.

How do I remove cookies from the Betting Browser?2022-10-20T14:22:28+02:00

Note that the Windows software of Sure- and value betting has been discontinued. Use the platform independent web version of Sure betting and Value betting instead.

Benefits with the web version

  • Can be used on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • All major browsers are supported
  • Log your bets with one click with the BetTracker

If you’re already a subscriber, you can log in to the web versions via the website top menu. Use your existing log in details.

The information below this box is probably outdated, but kept for reference.

How do I remove cookies from the Betting Browser?

We’ve added an option to delete cookies and cache from the Betting Browser from the RebelBetting software.

How to remove regular cookies and clear cache

  1. Go to Options -> Application -> Support
  2. Click the buttons to clear cache and cookies

Clear cookies and Cache


Remove flash cookies

Delete flash cookies directly at Macromedia:
Just click “Delete all sites”, and your done!

How do I use RebelBetting with a Proxy?2022-10-27T16:00:54+02:00

Using a Proxy

RebelBetting will work with most web proxies automatically, but sometimes you need to enter the details yourself.

If you use one of our recommended VPN services, you won’t have this problem.

1. RebelBetting tries to use your Windows proxy settings. These are also used by Internet Explorer. They can be found by going here: Control panel / Internet options / Connections / LAN Settings.

Proxy settings in Windows

2. If this fails, you can enter your proxy settings yourself inside RebelBetting. When entering your login details, click the ‘Proxy’ button. Or inside RebelBetting, go to Settings / Application and click ‘Proxy’ button.

Proxy settings in RebelBetting

How does ValueBetting work?2022-11-02T10:39:20+01:00

How does ValueBetting work?

When value betting you will be placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by the bookmakers odds. To learn more about the concept of value betting, check out our value betting guide and our value betting help section.

Our servers gather millions of odds every minute, compares them to the true odds, and calculates value bets. They are then constantly sent to ValueBetting. See the video below to get familiar with the basic betting process. ValueBetting s platform independent and can be used on mobile, tablet and desktop.  


See more video material in our Value betting Video section on the value betting help page. If you are interested in sure betting (arbitrage betting) as well, see how RebelBetting works.

Get a 14 days free trial

Get a free trial for 14 days to see how ValueBetting works. You’ll also get access to the BetTracker with the automatic bet settlement add-on! During this time you can place a limited number of bets per day. To get access to all features and higher value bets you should subscribe to ValueBetting here.

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How much money can I make by sure betting?2022-09-29T14:09:27+02:00

How much money can I make by sure betting?

It is realistic to make around 10-20% profit of your total bankroll every month – but you can of course make even more. One key factor is the amount of time you spend arbitrage betting.

Take a look yourself to see how much money you’ll make with when Sure betting!

  • Initial investment
    Number of sure bets placed per day
    Betting days per month
    Estimated hourly profit

    Your total profit per month

Don’t forget, like most things it depends on how much time and effort you spend.

More user results

Curious to see real results from RebelBetting users? Join the RebelBetting community. This is a place for you to share and discuss results, betting strategies and much more.

Profit guarantee

We know our products works.
In fact, we are so confident about it that we offer a 100% Profit Guarantee on your first month.

How much money can I make with ValueBetting?2022-09-29T14:07:19+02:00

How much money can I make with Value betting?

Monthly ROI (investment growth) for Value betting is over 30% and there is a proven yield of over 3% (profit per bet).

Play around with the Value betting profit calculator and see for yourself.

  • Initial investment in €
    Number of value bets placed per day
    Betting days per month
    Estimated hourly profit
    Monthly ROI

    Your total profit per month

Calculations based on actual statistics from our users since 2019 (over 6 million bets).