We recommend setting a limit on your maximum stake when placing value bets. The max stake is set in percent relative to your bankroll. Setting a max stake is done to reduce variance. Also check if you need to keep your bankroll updated.

Generally, the fractional Kelly criterion is a better method to get maximum long-term profit. However, you might also want to reduce variance, especially when starting out. This is best done with setting a safe max stake of around 1%. If you’re all about maximizing your profits, and can handle downswings, you might want to increase max stake to 2-3% and let the Kelly criterion work more effectively.

If you do this, you might also consider decreasing your current bankroll (consider it like a virtual or temporary bankroll) until you reach a comfortable max stake sum.

If you often hit your max stake percentage when betting, the Kelly criterion is not working efficiently. Solve this by adjusting your max stake percentage and the bankroll.

Set your max stake, and more settings, under Options.

Value betting options - max stake percentage