Sure Betting Summer Sale

Don't miss our sure betting summer sale. It's only available until Tuesday, July 6!

2021-06-30T15:42:43+02:00June 29th 2021|


One of the best and most trusted betting brokers, Asianconnect, has now been integrated into RebelBetting! Get 2 free weeks by signing up.

2021-04-15T13:02:35+02:00April 14th 2021|

Double your value bets with ValueBetting Pro

ValueBetting Pro launching today with the double number of value bets! With the launch of ValueBetting Pro you can now choose between two ValueBetting plans. Select the one best tailored for your needs.

2021-05-26T09:15:48+02:00December 17th 2020|

Your value bets are about to double…

Your value bets are about to double It’s great to see a record number of members have discovered ValueBetting. Even better, member profits are also at a record high. Click here to view more member results (updated every hour). As you know, the average monthly profit increases with the number

2020-12-15T16:25:55+01:00November 20th 2020|

Interview with Robin – ValueBetting user

Interview with Robin, ValueBetting user Here’s an interview with one of our customers – Robin, from Sweden. He signed up for ValueBetting in May this year. During the five months he used ValueBetting he placed 3533 value bets and made a pure profit of 52000 SEK ( around 5096 EUR).  This

2020-11-13T10:52:08+01:00November 10th 2020|