July 2024

RebelBetting users’ profit results in June 2024

2024-07-18T09:35:00+02:00July 18th 2024|

Value betting profit results June 2024 Summer is here, and so are the community's profit results from June! Despite June typically being a slower month with most major leagues on summer break, you all still managed to make an impressive profit, and we beat the closing line once again! Let's dive into some

June 2024

Value Betting Tips to Supercharge Your Profits

2024-06-18T11:30:13+02:00June 18th 2024|

Value betting is a smart strategy if you want to become a professional bettor, but there are a few details you should grasp to make this strategy even more beneficial. Besides purely understanding the mechanics behind value betting you also need to comprehend how to manage your bankroll, how not to be restricted by

RebelBetting users’ profit results in May 2024

2024-06-17T10:19:50+02:00June 17th 2024|

Value betting results from the RebelBetting users in May 2024 By putting smart betting strategies to work, you all gained some seriously impressive wins in May, as you usually do! This month Esports value bets and baseball value bets were the big thing. Let's dig into what made everyone so successful this month,

The Psychology of Profitable Sports Betting

2024-06-12T11:06:44+02:00June 12th 2024|

Successful betting is more than just placing a bet on your favourite team, crossing your fingers and hoping for a win. It's also about placing informed bets where the odds are in your favour, there is a whole science behind successful betting. But even more than that it's all about the psychology behind the

More Time – Double the Value

2024-06-19T07:31:37+02:00June 3rd 2024|

Summer is finally here, the perfect time to relax and recharge. But don't let the laid-back vibes stop you from having your edge! Relax by the pool or crush that summer adventure - profit from sports no matter where you go or what you do. Summer is finally here, the