Interview with Tom – ValueBetting user

Interview with Tom, ValueBetting user Here’s an interview with one of our customers – Tom, from the United Kingdom. He signed up for ValueBetting in late May this year. Tom has placed 2053 value bets so far and he has made a whooping profit of £5729 (as of July 8th).  This

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Value betting vs the stock market

Have you ever wondered what is the better way to put your money to work - pursuing a Value Betting strategy or investing in the stock market? I certainly have and there is no easy answer to that question. Our guest writer Nenko will go through help you determine whether Value Betting is the right investment for you or whether you would be better off just buying in the stock market.

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With a BetInAsia account, you will get single-account access to the best odds with the biggest Asian bookmakers and exchanges on the market.

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Two new bookmakers

Two new bookmakers Good news! Two new popular bookmakers has now been added to RebelBetting products - Tipbet and Betwinner.  Go ahead and bet with them today! See full changelog for more information about preivously added bookmakers.

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