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Get help with learning the value betting system.

Video material

What is value betting?

Learn the basic concept of value betting and how you can profit from it.

Value betting vs sure betting

Learn the difference between value betting and sure betting (sports arbitrage).

How to place a value bet on a computer

Check out how easy it is to place a value bet.

How to place a value bet on your mobile

This video shows how easy it is to place a bet using ValueBetting.

How to get started with value betting

Learn which settings you need to configure first to start using ValueBetting.

How to bet with Betting Exchanges

Learn how to place profitable bets with Betting Exchanges.

How to avoid bookmaker limitations
– The Best tips

Check out all our best tips to make your bookmaker accounts last as long as possible.

The best way to manage your betting bankroll

How to best handle your betting bankroll – quick tips to help you maximise your betting profits.

The maths behing +Ev sports betting

Understand the maths behind a value bet and how a value bet opportunity arises.

Results after 5 million value bets

Check out the amazing results of 5 million placed +EV bets. The result is statistically significant– proving that value betting really works. 

Poker vs value betting – Full comparison

See the full comparision comparing two forms of money-making strategies: value betting and playing poker.

5 Common Beginner Mistakes

Check out 5 common challenges faced by new bettors in the area of value betting and sure betting.

The Psychology  of Profitable Sports betting

Discover the mindset of successful sports betting.

How to tell if a betting strategy is profitable or just lucky

Learn the concept of statistical significance and how to master it.

Customer interviews

Emil - RebelBetting user

“ If you’re willing to use just one or two hours per day on betting, you can really make some big profits.”

Emil, Read more
Tom - RebelBetting user

“I am always open to new ways of making profit with as little risk possible”

Stefan - RebelBetting user

“When value betting I beat approximately 90% of all closing odds”

Stefan, Read more
Ioannis profit graph - RebelBetting

“I started only with 200 euro. After almost one month my profit is almost 450 euros.”

Ioannis, Read more

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