You have been a successful sports bettor for quite some time and your profit is piling up. All is fine and dandy – until you get limited. One bookmaker after another. Familiar with this scenario? So how to avoid bookmaker limitations?

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Prevent further restrictions

Whether or not you have experienced bookmaker restrictions already or are a beginner running unlimited there are some practices to follow to prevent further limitations.

There’s a lot of money to grab out there, so the longer you can go unlimited, the better. Below is a complete list of all our best tips to make your bookmaker accounts last as long as possible. We´ve listed our best tips below on how to avoid sportsbook limitations:

Round your stake

Do not bet with exact amounts. This is probably the most important thing to know, to avoid immediate limitations. Round your stake as best you can to the nearest number of five. So instead of betting $237 at a single bookmaker, bet $235 or $240. Or even better $200 or $250.

Consider your betting pattern

Bookmakers do not like smart bettors, therefore you should try to lead them astray making them think you are just a regular ‘mug’ punter. This is why it’s important that you consider your overall betting pattern. Try to do most of your arbitrage betting at times when most casual players do betting – on evenings and weekends. Horse racing arbs mostly show up mid day close to the time of the race, so if you were to bet on horse racing arbs you usually know when to find them.
Also, to look as innocent as possible; it’s a good idea to add an element of surprise every now and then. For instance, toss in a few casino bets here and there and the bookmakers may very well think you are a potential goldmine for them – though it’s actually the opposite. They just don’t know it.

Make a small first deposit

Don’t deposit large sums when you’ve just signed up. The first deposit should just be enough to cover the next couple of bets. You should avoid drawing attention to your account the first days after registration. This may help you to not get instantly reviewed by the bookmakers. You can and should of course deposit more later on.

Don’t use the same account details at all bookmakers

There are rumours bookmakers are working together to identify you. Don’t make it an easy job for them to track you down. One way is to create different usernames and login details.

Use arb friendly bookmakers (if you’re arbing)

Betting exchanges like Betfair, Matchbook, Betdaq, Smarkets and 21Bet will never limit you for winning. Bookmakers like Pinnacle and bet broker 3et won’t restrict you either, so make sure you use them as a good base when arbitrage betting. But don’t hesitate to use other limiting bookmakers as well. And a good mix of sharp and soft is the best. Read more about the difference between sharp and soft bookmakers. If you are value betting, please read more here about value betting with sharps.

Use many bookmakers

Using many bookmakers will give you many arb or value bet opportunities. But also, this can be beneficial since you will look ‘less successful’ because you spread your betting across multiple bookmakers.

Keep cool

If you had a long winning streak on one of your bookmakers, then consider to not use this bookmaker for a while (since your account may be up for review).

Do not make unnecessary withdrawals from a bookmaker

Do not withdraw funds from bookmakers if you do not have to. If you need to balance your bookmaker accounts, you can instead occasionally use the method of transferring funds without having to deposit and withdraw money. However, better is of course if you always have some funds left in your e-wallet/credit card to balance your accounts so you don’t need to withdraw at all.

Don’t withdraw immediately after a fulfilled bonus

When your bookmaker bonus have been fulfilled or bets have been settled, don’t try to cash out right away, this may arouse suspicion.

Do not bet on obvious palps

A bookmaker can cancel (void) your bet, claiming it was a palpable error (or a “palp”). This can occur when a bookmaker has made what they call “an obvious mistake”, such as reversed the odds of a match or some other kind of accidental error made while quoting the odds.

Think twice about betting on low tier, foreign leagues

Some books might raise an eyebrow if you bet a lot of money on a third division basketball league in a foreign country. If you place a high stake bet on a foreign low tier league you will likely get flagged as an arber. Also think twice about betting on obscure leagues in countries that are known for having problems with match-fixing. There is a setting to hide low tier leagues which might come in handy in this respect.

Keep a low profile on social media

Telling others about arbing or value betting profits online may be tempting. But try to keep a low profile, since bookmakers tend to have eyes and ears everywhere. Also, never use your social media email when registering with bookmakers. Also, never be logged in to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media while you visit a bookmaker using the same web browser. If the bookmaker has a Facebook button somewhere on their site, it leaks your identity. Note: If you’re surfing using RebelBetting products, you’re safe. RebelBetting uses a completely separate web browser, with cookies and cache files that are never shared with your regular web browser.

Consider your stakes

Most people bet with a stake around 50-500 Euro (or equivalent in other currency). Betting with higher sums repeatedly may get you checked by bookmakers more often. You should also avoid betting with the exact same amount every time you bet. Remember; try to act like a regular punter and do as you think they would have done. Also try not to hit max bet limit all the time. This may get your account reviewed quicker. If possible, bet with slightly less than the max bet stake.

Avoid stake review

Do not send your bet for manual approval. You will encounter this scenario if you try to bet over the max stake limit, and the excess stake is sent for manual review waiting to get approved or rejected by the bookmaker.

Continue to use your limited accounts

At first glance, it may seem like you have gotten your account limited to just a few Euros. But this limit doesn’t necessarily affect all markets and sports. Keep using your restricted account and try to bet on different leagues and sports. You may very well be able to bet large sums on bigger events.

We hope these tips found you well and wish you success in your arbitrage and value betting career (with lots of prosperous unrestricted bookie accounts)!

However, the bottom line is that you never know when a bookmaker might limit you. The only thing you can do (if you get limited) is to accept the limitation of your account and move on to the next bookmaker. And don’t worry, there are plenty more good bookmakers out there. Also, new bookmakers enter the market all the time which means that there will always be arbitrage opportunities, and more chances for you to register new accounts.

TLDR: Use common sense and act like a regular punter.

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