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  • Sure betting software

  • Steady profits with no/little risk

  • Industry leading sure betting service

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  • Value betting software

  • Easy product that takes little time
  • Works with smaller bankrolls
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  • Bonus hunting software

  • Requires little money and time

  • Great way to build your starting bankroll

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Common for all products

All RebelBetting products support Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Verified 100% spyware and ad free.
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The log book

  • Keep track of all your bets

  • ‘Real time’ account balances

  • Graphs of your winnings

  • Requires Excel 2007 or newer

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The sure betting e-book

  • An introduction to sure betting

  • How it works

  • Why everyone isn’t doing it

  • The risks and how to avoid them

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