Tell people about RebelBetting and we will pay you

You can make money just by recommending people to check out RebelBetting products. If you send someone to our website, and they make a purchase, you will earn up to 35% of the sale. And the next month when they continue their subscription, you get paid again. For as long as they stay. Since a regular monthly RebelBetting subscription cost €129, you can make a lot of money from just one customer.

Right now we’re looking for a few more affiliates. So if you’re interested in making a nice passive income with a small time investment, read on.

How much can you make?

  • Your number of sales per month
    Your commission level (20%-35%)

    What you earn per month

Note that if all subscribers stay another month, you get paid again! We offer lifetime commission.
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One of the most profitable affiliate programs in the business

Our top affiliates have a conversion rate of 5.2% for every visitor to our site. This means for every 1000 visitors they send to our site, 52 end up subscribing. Earning €1875 for every 1000 visitors. You will have a hard time finding a more lucrative affiliate opportunity!

Start earning together with your customers!

How to get started

There are many ways to spread the word, even if you don’t have a website yourself.

I know of a website or community that might be interested in sports arbitrage

Let us know! If your tip leads to a major partner signing up, we will pay you a finders fee of €1000! We also have the option of them signing up as a sub-affiliate to you, giving you a percentage of their sales. Contact us now and let’s have a chat.

I run a website or community

It’s very easy to get started. Just sign up as an affiliate, and write an article or blog post about sports arbitrage. The more visitors you send our way, the more you will earn. Click here to sign up and get your €15 signup bonus.

I'm an affiliate marketer

Great! Then the numbers will interest you. Contact us now and let’s discuss rates.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to promote a product that your customers actually make money using? Compared to the massive amounts of marketing for money-grabbing casinos and outright scams, this is a true win-win product.

If you’re already a bookmaker affiliate on sharp bookmakers, this should interest you even more. If you turn a regular gambler into an arbitrage trader, you may boost your affiliate profit many times over, getting commission both from the bookmaker and from RebelBetting. Arbitrage traders bet more than 100 times more than the average punter.

I run a large website or community (100k visits/month)

We have even better deals for partners that can bring in lots of traffic. You can get a custom white label version of RebelBetting or handle sales yourself with our bespoke licensing system. There also might be opportunities for joint ventures. Contact us now and let’s talk!

More ideas

  • Smaller communities like Facebook groups or discussion forums
  • Bundling RebelBetting with other products that might interest the same audience
  • Webinars, workshops or expert coachning
  • Social media, adverts, Youtube walkthroughs
  • Start a new website. The earnings compared to the time spent might be really good


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The most profitable affiliate program in the business