The easiest way to make money betting on sports

ValueBetting helps sports bettors who want to make money easily and reliably by automatic betting on mathematically proven value bets


Arbitrage betting is too expensive?

With ValueBetting, you can start with as little as €100.

Difficult to make a good profit betting on sports?

Value bets are easier and more reliable than both tipsters, matched betting and arbitrage betting. A very good tipster will net you 4%. Matched betting can earn you a lot of money in a short time, but the hourly profit might not be that good, and you might struggle with limitations and money management. With arbitrage betting can you earn 10-15% per month, but it takes time, a large bankroll and can be difficult to get started.

With value betting, you only need to place one bet and don’t have to worry about covering all sides, or different bonus turnover rules. The value is estimated by the best bookmakers in the world. Value betting is simpler!

Are you being limited by the bookmakers?

Value betting lets you profit longer. You can focus on the major leagues where it’s easier to stay under the radar.

Profit every month

We’ve been using a prototype of our ValueBetting product for months now. A team of beta testers (consisting of RebelBetting customers) are running the beta right now.  We have also logged thousands of odds and ran simulations on them using different investment sizes and betting strategies. It’s still early but we have already averaged around 5% ROI per month using the beta.

Calculate your earnings

Play around with the calculator and see for yourself how much you can profit.

  • Number of valuebets placed per day on average
    Value betting days per month
    Average bet size This depends on how much money you have, and the maximum bet on the average soft bookmaker
    Average profit percentage per bet Our back tests show that 3-5% is realistic depending on how selective you are

    Your total profit per month

    Estimated hourly profit Assuming each bet takes 2 minutes to place


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