We are a strong tech-company that develops smart betting services targeting both end consumers and the B2B audience. Our core values are Honesty, Transparency and Professionalism.

Meet Our Team

All products are developed by Clarobet AB, a small team of software developers and sports betting specialists.

Lars Cardon
Lars CardonCTO & Founder
Lars is a computing science engineer, has worked with R&D at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Västerbottens County before co-founding Clarobet.
Björn Leyonberg
Björn LeyonbergCEO & Founder
Before co-founding Clarobet / RebelBetting, Björn had a successful career as a professional poker player. Studied Media Engineering Science at the University of Umeå.
Simon Renström
Simon RenströmFounder
Simon is the chief architect behind the RebelBetting products. A veteran software developer and entrepreneur who founded RebelBetting in 2007.

Previously, he worked as a developer and project manager since 1996.

Hanna Falkdal
Hanna FalkdalCCO, AD & Social Media
Hanna is the Chief Commercial Officer but also works with customer relations, AD and external relations. Making sure every customer is getting the best experience is always her top priority.
She has graduated as a Journalist and has a Diploma of higher educations in Graphic Design.
Oscar Jonasson Lundberg
Oscar Jonasson LundbergDeveloper
Full-stack engineer who has previously worked on various projects in markets such as livestreaming, e-marketing, logistics, and property management. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Umeå University.
Joakim Bergström
Joakim BergströmChairman of the Board
Joakim is CEO at Winn Marketing AB, VP and founder of Järnringen Förlag AB. Earlier he worked as News Editor at IDG. Studies include Science of Journalism at Umeå University, BA History at Uppsala University, Pedagogy and Economy.
Fredrik Leek
Fredrik LeekAdvisor
Fredrik is CEO at Revenues AB, and has worked several years with business developing, focusing on sales, market and leadership. Studies include human behavior with psychology as major at the University of Umeå, Sweden and innovation technique at the University of Mälardalen.
ReneAffiliate Manager
Rene has several years of affiliate marketing experience and will therefore be able to help affiliates with all their needs for a profitable relationship.
Bryan FrankeraCS Hero & Data Quality Analyst
Bryan has worked as a football trader/analyst for an online sports betting firm and is now the first point of contact in RebelBetting’s support channels, as well as a data quality analyst.
Jadel MasiragProgrammer & Data Extraction
Jadel is a programmer / software developer with several years experience in the field.
Fredrik WesterAdvisor
Fredrik is Executive Chairman of the Board and principal shareholder at Paradox Interactive, Scandinavia’s leading Computer Games publisher. Founder of download portal GamersGate in 2006, Wester is a serial entrepreneur with several projects and investments in the IT and Entertainment industries.
Johan PetterssonAuditor (EY)
Mattias LundholmAdvisor & Founder

Our history

In 2007, two programmers and two professional poker players got the seemingly crazy idea of building a tool that would make a guaranteed profit betting on sports. One programmer quit his job since twelve years, and after a year a prototype was finished. The small team was happily surprised to make a 12 % profit the first month. We have since then had over 120,000 users from over 140 countries.

Find Us

Our headquarters can be found at Storgatan 50 in Umeå, a city in northern Sweden. Umeå is a University town and centre of higher education with over 39,000 students. We also have representation in Germany, France and India.

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