New to value betting as an investment method? Read up on the basics here.

How to value bet

  1. Click on a value bet in the list.
  2. Click the bet button. This will open a tab in your browser and take you to the bookmaker website, sometimes directly to the event.
  3. Find the correct odds at the bookmaker.
  4. Double-check the bet, enter the suggested stake and confirm.
  5. Log your bet by clicking the ‘Log button’.

Read the manual below for detailed information about the interface.

Let’s get started

When starting the value betting service for the first time, the recommended default settings are already enabled. If you are a beginner and don’t know what settings to choose, you can rely on the default settings until you’re more experienced. You can change the risk / reward ratio by adjusting your betting strategy.

Kelly criterion stake sizing strategy
ValueBetting has a built-in staking strategy: Kelly criterion for stake sizing. This will ensure optimal profits, but you can also use it to lower risk. Default Kelly is set to 30%.

Maximum stake
Default max stake is 2% of your current bankroll (your total investment). This is commonly called one “unit” in sports betting when you don’t want to divulge how much money you have. Limiting your bet size is important to handle risk and variance.

Maximum odds
Default settings are minimum odds of 1.20 and maximum odds 3.10. Don’t bet on the highest odds just because they give the highest value. Higher odds are less likely to result in a win and will increase the variance. You can decrease the odds range to further reduce variance, for example 1.60 to 2.90.

Minimum and maximum value
The default settings is minimum value of 3% and a maximum value of 20%. Betting on higher value will over time increase your yield (and your profits), and give you a larger buffer against shifting odds.  If you have enough bets, try increasing the minimum value even more.

Time to match start
The default setting is 48 hours. Matches that are played more than 48 hours in the future will be hidden.  You can increase time to match start as high as you can while still maximizing turning per day. You don’t want to let your bankroll sit unused while you wait for matches to end. This might be 12 hours for users with smaller bankrolls or 300 (our maximum) for those with large bankrolls. The reason for this is that there is no correlation between closing line value, flat profit or whether you beat the closing line.

But there are just a few steps you need to do first. Check out the video or the text below on the four steps to get started.

Step 1 – Enter your bankroll

Go the ‘Options’ tab and enter your starting bankroll and current bankroll. The value you enter will be the same on both when you start. Click save. To enter which currency you use, see step 3. If you are unsure what size your bankroll should be when you start, here’s an article about what bankroll is recommended to start with.

Note! To keep the risk level you have selected, you should update your current bankroll often. This is especially important if you turn over a large part of your total bankroll every day.

Enter your bankroll

Step 2 – Select bookmakers

Click on the ‘Filters’ tab and select the bookmakers you wish to use. When starting value betting for the first time the filter is already populated with default settings and bookmakers. You can of course edit the bookmaker list to customize which bookmakers you want to use. Click save. If you haven’t signed up with any bookmaker yet, check out our recommended bookmakers for value betting. See all supported bookmakers here.

Select your bookmakers

Step 3 – Enter currency and timezone

Select the ‘User’ tab. Enter the currency you want displayed and select the default rounding on all bookmakers. To select rounding on specific bookmakers go to the Bookmaker tab instead. Also enter how many hours before or after UTC/GMT you are. Make sure that the displayed time correlates to your local time. Click save.

Enter currency and time zone

Step 4 – Customize bookmaker settings

Go to the ‘Bookmaker’ tab to customize your bookmaker settings individually. In the drop-down menu, you will only see the bookmakers you have enabled in the bookmaker list. Select a bookmaker in the drop-down menu and enter preferred currency (if not your default currency), rounding and other domain (if necessary). Click save.

Bookmaker tab

You’re all set and ready to go!

Now, it’s time for the fun part. Start value betting! Also, please make sure you read our best tips for value betting beginners and the full manual below for more detailed information about the interface. Further down this page you also get information about limitations in the web version that is good to know of.


Using in-depth betting guides and a solid sports betting software like RebelBetting will make you a consistent winner in sports betting. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the RebelBetting interface.

The main view

Below image is the main view. Here you’ll see a list of continuously updated value bets.  

The main view of RebelBetting

The navigation menu

The navigation menu gives you quick access to the most important pages. If you click on ‘Bets‘ you’ll access the main view where the value bets are presented. When clicking on ‘Menu‘ in the middle you can access ‘Options’, ‘Reports’, ‘Help’, ‘Community’ and ‘Logout’. From the navigation menu, you can also click on the ‘Tracker‘ which will take you to the Bet Tracker where you can see all your logged bets.

RebelBetting's navigation menu

The presented value bet

The value bets are presented as separate “cards” listed according to your predefined settings.

A value bet in RebelBetting

The bet details view

When you click on a value bet you will see the bet details panel. Here you can edit the odds and stake if you have to. In this view, you will get all the information you need to place the bet. You also have the option to bet, log, snooze or remove the bet. You don’t have to calculate the value bet, it is done for you.

The Bet Details view in RebelBetting

The Bet button: Bet opens a new browser tab to the bookmaker. Currently, you might end up at the match, but often just to the bookmaker start page. This will improve in the future.

The Log button: Click this after placing a successful bet. It will be copied and saved to your personal Bet Tracker.

Snooze: The snooze function will hide the value bet for 15 minutes.

Remove: By clicking remove you will remove the bet or the entire match (depending on your predefined settings) if you don’t want to bet for any reason. You can also just remove the particular odds, see Options).


In the Options view you can customize your betting strategy and risk level, like Kelly stake sizing and max stake.

You can also modify general app functionality.

Hide bet after placement

When you have successfully placed a bet, you probably don’t want to bet on that match again since this would increase your money-at-risk beyond what you have decided beforehand. This is why the default setting is to hide the Entire match after a placed bet. The other selections are:

Current bookmaker, which will hide this exact market (for example AH+1) on this particular bookmaker. Note that the same market (AH+1) can still show up on other bookmakers.

All bookmakers will hide this exact market (for example AH+1) on all bookmakers. Other markets on this match might still show up, like AH+2.

The last two selections can be used for more experienced traders. To help avoid mistakes, you will also get a reminder when you’re about to place a bet on a match already in the BetTracker (including how much you have staked).

This setting also controls what happens is hidden when you click Remove and Snooze.

Sort value bets

You can either show highest value first (recommended), bets closest to match start, furthest from match start (if you want to focus on opening odds) or most recently discovered (for maximum speed).

Open value bets

Keeping a tab open for each bookmaker enabled you to stay logged in longer. You can also open all bets in the same tab, or a new tab every time. A tip if you’re on desktop: Drag the tab to another window, then align this window and the value betting window side by side. This gives you a great overview while betting.

Get an audio alert when new value bets appear.

RebelBetting Options

Filters & Bookmakers

Here you add the bookmakers you will be using. Click in the box with bookmaker names, and you will be shown a list with more bookmakers to add. You can also just start typing the name of the bookmaker and it then can be added by pressing return. Here’s a list of the most popular bookmakers in your country.

You can also filter the list of value bets so you only get bets you’re interested in placing. In the Starter plan you can use up to two filters, and Pro users can have up to four filters.

Filters in RebelBetting


When you start you only have one simple default filter, sorted with the highest value first.

Bets matching all your filters are combined and then sorted according to your your default sort order. If you want bets from one filter to always be shown at the top, overriding sorting, you need to select “pinned to top”.

Pinned to top

When the Pinned box is checked, value bets found with this filter will always be sorted above all other filters, overriding your default sort order (see second image below). This can be useful if you for example want to show bets from a particular bookmaker at the top, even if there are other bookmakers with higher value bets.

Hide low tier events

When the hide low tier events box is checked, the majority of the bets on lower tier leagues and tournaments will be hidden.

Sports and markets:

Sports and markets are set on a filter level. As an example, you can have a filter with Bet365 and select to not show American Football with them, but have all the other sports on this bookmaker enabled. The same can be applied to markets. This means that you can fine-tune your settings to be able to bet on specific sports and markets for each bookmaker. Before you change which sports and markets are displayed, please read this post in our community, explaining why it is important to not change settings all the time.

Filters in RebelBetting

More filter examples:

For example, you might want to create a filter with “early markets”. Matches that start in 6+ hours but with a high minimum value percentage, let’s say 7%. (You don’t want to show low value bets that start in 6 hours, they might change a lot in that time, and not always to your benefit). You can also create the opposite filter: matches that start soon, with a lower minimum value percentage.

Another example of how to use filters is shown in the below image, as it illustrates a list of value bets sorted in order of highest to lowest value, except for Bet365 bets which is pinned to top.

A list of value bets in RebelBetting

Video on how to use Filters in RebelBetting

This video shows how to use Filters with RebelBetting. Check it out:

Bookmaker Settings

In the Bookmaker tab, you can specify currency, rounding, tax settings and domain for each bookmaker individually. Here you can also specify commission settings if you use betting exchanges (only available in Pro). If you specify commission and/or tax settings, the value percentage of a value bet will automatically be calculated using those settings. The drop down menu only shows your pre-selected bookmakers which you have enabled in the Filters tab.

Bookmaker settings in RebelBetting

User settings

Here you select your base currency and rounding on all bookmakers. This currency will also be the display currency in the BetTracker and reports. You can have another currency and rounding for each bookmaker, which you can change in Bookmaker settings. Also, select how many hours before or after UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) you are. You can for example enter +2 for UK, or -9 for PST. Make sure that the “time now” value is correct.

Under Advanced, you can also bulk-delete all bets in your Bet Tracker. This might be handy if you want to “start over”, for example, if all previously logged bets were just logged just for testing purposes. To delete all bets, just click “Delete logged bets”. You can also delete the bets one by one as well, directly in the Bet Tracker.

User settings in RebelBetting

Bet Tracker

The bet tracker is the where you keep track of your logged bets, your profit and a number of statistics. Bets will also be graded automatically if you have the bet settlement add on, which means we will know the match results and will change the status from Pending to Win or Lost, for example. For more details about the placed bet,  just click on any bet row and you get more information.

How to settle bets manually

At the moment not all bets can be settled automatically for technical reasons (this will be improved in the future). For those bets, you can enter the match result yourself. To see which bets need to be settled manually go to the bottom of the Bet Tracker and select “Unsettled” in the drop-down menu. Click on the bet row and select the match results. Click save. Try to make it a routine to manually settle these bets regularly.

Detailed statistics

In the grey panel to the top right above the list of logged bets, you see information about the number of total bets placed and unsettled bets. To see more detailed statistics about your performance, expand the panel clicking the arrow and check out your ROI, turnover and much more.

Detailed statistics

Profit graph

In the header of the Bet Tracker, you see your running profit graph and your Closing Line Value. By clicking the graph you can cycle different graphs and view your profit curve based on different intervals.

Your value betting profit graph - RebelBetting

Bet Export feature (Pro)

Pro users can export their bets with one click. You can choose to export as CSV or Excel. The bet export button can be found at the bottom of the Bet Tracker.

The RebelBetting Bet Tracker export feature - export all your value bets and sure bets with one click


The reports section shows more detailed statistics on your overall performance.  Here you can get specific numbers on bets placed, profit and yield  for each bookmaker, sport, bet type and more. Find the reports page by clicking ‘Menu’ in the footer and select ‘Reports’.

Reports in RebelBetting

See a short video of the reports section below.

Closing line

Closing Line Value (CLV) is an important metric in sports trading. The closing line value is a benchmark that you compare your performance against. It is based on the sharp bookmakers’ odds just before the match start and has proven to be the best predictor of the outcome of a match. When value betting you consistently beat the closing line, meaning you will always profit long term. In the reports section, you can easily see how your results compare to the closing line.

Multi-currency support

  • Multiple currencies are fully supported. You can have EUR on one bookmaker, and GBP on another. The cumulative profit and all other stats will be calculated correctly.
  • The bookmaker default currency is modified under Options / Setup.
  • You also have a “base currency” that is used when displaying cumulative profits and statistics in the BetTracker. Change it under Options / User.
  • If you have accidentally logged bets with the wrong currency, this can be corrected. Just go to Go to Options / Setup, select your bookmaker and click Advanced. (Known limitation: We use today’s exchange rate, not the historic one).

Tool tips

There are many tooltips explaining more. Just click on a title or form to show a tooltip.

Tooltips in RebelBetting

Keyboard shortcuts

When using value betting web on desktop you can choose to use keyboard shortcuts if you want. Press Shift and ? and you will see a list of available shortcuts hotkeys.

Keyboard shortcuts in RebelBetting

Advanced tips for mobile usage

Split screen mode

If you use an Android phone you can use the split screen feature while betting. This will make the betting procedure easier as you don’t have to toggle between different web tabs.

  1. Log in to value betting on mobile. Press and hold the app switcher button (square icon) in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will split the screen into two halves.
  2. In the bottom screen, start your web browser and log in to the bookmaker website.
Split screen mode

Tab preview notice

When value betting on your mobile, you may want to switch between your bookmaker tabs and the value betting tab using the ‘tab preview mode’ on your phone (see image below). But please note that in this mode the information about the value bet may not be up to date due to Android and iOS limitations.

Always go to the value betting web tab directly, to double check that the bet information is still up to date, before placing the bet at the bookmaker.

Tab preview notice

Good to know

Below is a list of known limitations in the web version. These things will be fixed, so no need to report. Also, more exciting features are to be added, so stay tuned for more updates.

  • When making changes in your Options settings, make sure to click the save button on every page or tab you visit.

  • When betting you will sometimes be taken directly to the event, while other times you will only be taken to the bookmakers main website. Some bookmakers offer a search function which we recommend you to use to locate the event on the bookmakers site.

  • There is currently no support to add a bet manually in the Bet Tracker.

  • Betting exchanges, sharps and brokers are only available in RebelBetting Pro.

Hanna from RebelBetting

Author: Hanna Falkdal, Chief Commercial Officer

Hanna works with building relations. And boy does she love it!  She loves forging strong partnerships with businesses and creating genuine relationships with customers. Making sure everyone is as happy as can be is always her top priority, as well as educating them on how to maximise their sports betting profits. She has graduated as a Journalist.