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Betfair, Skrill, Neteller, Pinnacle and Matchbook are some of our official partners.


As the only bookie to welcome arbitrage action and not limit winning players, we’ve been working successfully with RebelBetting since 2009. Many arbitrage products come and go so the established nature of their business and the positive feedback we get from players, is testament to just how good their product is.
There were times that I couldn’t believe the arbs shown. The mass and the quality of arbs are just amazing. Pinnacle and the Asians are covered perfectly. Read more
RebelBetting has been a Skrill partner since 2009 and is a perfect example of a successful business venture. I’ve personally had the pleasure of watching RebelBetting grow from a small start-up company to one of the world’s leading company in their field.
Lyubomir Manahilov,Senior Affiliate Manager, Part of the Skrill Group of Companies
This service is far and away superior to any other arbing service that I have seen. Read more
Sgt Rich,BettingSystemTruths
The Matchbook betting exchange is built for high volume, low margin sport traders and we actively welcome arbitrage trading. We continue to promote a strong partnership with RebelBetting as their fantastic arbitrage software makes it easy for them to maximise value from the Matchbook platform.
Cian Nugent,COO - Matchbook
RebelBetting is a top choice partner thanks to their dedication, professionalism and superb product – we highly recommend working with RebelBetting for arbing.
Oren Arz,
Thank you again, I really love your product, your ArbBook, the numerous blog posts.
Vic,Canada, October 2018
I want to thank you for your arb soft. It really helped me to make some money, I always recommend it to friends who are gambling. So I love your work, you are great!
John,Lithuania, October 2018
Thank you so much for providing a game changer software in betting industry.
Cyrus,Kenya, September 2018
I really like the software and level of detail.
Dough,United Kingdom, June 2018
I earned a lot of money and had a good experience in arbitrage betting.
Gabór,Hungary, March 2018
RebelBetting is by far the most exclusive arbitrage software.
Adrian,Romania, February 2018
Excellent product, flawless.
Diogo,Spain, February 2018
Thanks to you guys I’m finally profiting from betting.
Abhijith,Australia, September 2017
Rebelbetting is the #1 tool for any aspiring arbers. Many of our members have only the best to say for this highly professional team of betting experts.
Eric Fronden,September 2017
I finally got time to check this out and the testimonials are exactly correct. I understand why your service is referred to as the Rolls-Royce of arbing. I’m literally sitting here and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. You guys have easily the best arbing software I have ever seen.
RebelBetting is surely the best arbitrage software solution that gamblers can rely on. It is the fastest and most professional software that directly points out the ”mistakes” of bookmakers or the so-called arbitrage bets. Read full Azbookmaker review
AzBookmakers, Dec 2017
Rebelbetting is without any doubt one of the best and most professional sports arbitrage platforms on the market. It’s minimalistic in its design and features only the options you actually need for arbing. It’s also easy and straightforward to use it.
Read full Alpha Sportsbetting review
Alpha Sportsbetting, July 2017
I could not be a serious arb bettor without Rebelbetting. There is no doubt about that. The fact that the people who work there are friendly and helpful as well is just icing on the cake.
Peter, May 2017
I’m extremely happy with the service and look forward to continuing my subscription.
Tim,Australia, May 2017
I think you have a bloody great product! Never come across one so simple and easy to use. 
Daniel,March 2017
It does everything one could possibly ask for in an Arb software.
Angela,Feb 2017
The software is very well-built with the embedded browser, real-time updates, heaps of bookmakers, and built-in reliability measure, notification etc. It would take a very long time for me to list the features I like. You should be proud.
Andy,Sep 2016
Your system and support are the best in the market, very well done (and I am the hardest person in the world to please)
Thanks guys I will be paying off a credit card debt after 6 weeks with my first withdrawal, I haven’t been able to pay it off in 2 years!
Criminals. Read article
Lasse Dilschmann,CEO Ladbrokes


Everything I have seen RebelBetting do so far has demonstrated exemplary behaviour and professionalism. The way they announced their alert service, the way they have promoted it, the way they have communicated with their users and potential clients; the number of communication channels and freedom with which they disclose everything is very impressive. I personally have come to trust the operators of RebelBetting – and I’ve been around a few companies now – been ripped off by a few, and treated well by a few too: so I know what signs to look out for.
Shane Greenup,SportsArbitrageGuide
Saturday was a furious day with arbs piling in! At times it was almost like just picking up money!
Sgt Rich,BST
The software is very smooth, from the automatic software updating to the automatic log-in to the bookmakers. […] Many subscribers have been surprised by the number of arbitrage opportunities available and the length of time there where available for.
Read more
Alan Finnerty,The Best Betting Systems (2014)
I subscribed to RebelBetting 6 months ago. I’m so happy and satisfied with RB that I purchased another 6 month subscription. I like to thank you for your hard work and developing this awesome arbitrage program!
A positive experience and impressive results gained from RebelBetting sports arbitrage software. Particularly surprised by the number and reliability of arbitrage bets displayed. RebelBetting helps overcome problems associated with Sports Arbitrage Trading such has getting the best bookmakers and how to make the most of your betting bank. Joined with suggestions from experienced arbitragers RebelBetting users will avoid issues with bookmakers. We made back the cost of the first month subscription in two days! We also found that RebelBetting works for people with a small, medium or large betting bank. Sports arbitrage software reviews at
Your customer service is so quick and efficient, I don’t know of anyone else who deals with things the way Rebel do.
I must say I’m big fan of your work. I’m using your service for almost a year, being very satisfied and I’m looking forward to use RebelBetting in the future to.
When RebelBetting appeared in the market, it brought a revolution. It is the most automated service in the market, and as a result, the fastest. It has a great potential, and it shows the way to the rest of the alert services. forum
I have been researching sports arbitrage for about 8 months and decided that RebelBettings browser layout was by far the best and most user friendly one I had seen, and this is still the case.

As a total newbie in the arbing world I was sceptical of the amounts of money that can be made consistently. The key word is consistent as making 10% per month is an incredible feat compared to most investment strategies that would count 20% PA as a large gain, all of this with no risk, seems too good to be true. Well it isn’t!

I am 3 weeks in and have made €552 with only about €50 of that being bonuses. The other thing is support.. Bjorn has answered all my many questions with patience and understanding and the constant updates to the program show the dedication of the team, it is definitely not a ‘take the money and run’ attitude. In fact just today I came home from work to find the latest update 3.3 with some big changes. I am really excited as I had my first middle come through this week with a €54 profit.

I have gone from €50 per trade to €100 and now €200 in the last few days. The most I have bet so far is €300, working my way toward the €500 mark although Interwetten doesn’t seem to let me go too high, thank god for Pinnacle!
Anyway, I am very excited at the possibilities that lie ahead, being able to walk up to the computer and make money at will is an amazing feeling, I still can’t believe it and the thought that I can do this forever, tax free, seems too good to be true! Thanks guys I will be paying off a credit card debt after 6 weeks with my first withdrawal, I haven’t been able to pay it off in 2 years!!!
I am really surprised by this fantastic software! I’ve known of Sports Arbitrage for a couple of years and I´ve even tested other services but always with poor results. The previous tested products were difficult to use and placing the bets was had to be done manually.I was pleasantly surprised by RebelBetting – intuitive, easy to learn and use, allows you to bet on arbs in record time! In the first 2 weeks as total newbie, I earned a 10% profit starting with a bankroll of 1,400! And last Saturday I made about 100 EUR, in only one day. 100 Euro! I have never never never seen a software so powerful!
Francesco S,Italy
I’m playing surebets since 7 years and also helping people who are interested in this topic and beginners with my website My website helps beginners to make the first steps for the first surebet, answers basic questions, offers a free email service with chosen surebet alerts for the beginning, explains what is required to start with Arbitrage Trading and for this it is recommended to use a surebet software.

And it was never easier than now to find and play surebets – Thanks to RebelBetting! RebelBetting is already my favourite and standard software for playing surebets, after I spent many years many different dubious and unserious surebet services, email alert services or software, that prices were absolutely horrible. After the first month of testing such services my frustration was very high – you could only play about 10-15% of all surebets and the relation of cost and benefit was terrible.

But RebelBetting is the first and only program, that really impresses me! With this AutoSurf feature it is possible to play one surebet after another! No calculating, no surfing to the bookies in the web browser… that all cost a lot of time and every minute you need more for placing a bet can cause the surebet to disappear. With RebelBetting every possible action happens now automatically. Only select the surebet you want to play in the program, click, confirm the stake, and the bets are placed. The monthly costs for RebelBetting are covered within few days, every surebet you play in the remaining month its your profit!

Conclusion: Surebetting was never so easy before! This “mystical” touch of arbitrage bets is not anymore after using RebelBetting, because now its possible for everybody from everywhere and every time, without studying formulas and betting rules. You neither need experience in betting, nor interest in sport or monitor quotes, read the news or spend hours on discussion boards. Just let the program place your bets and take your profit!
Robert P,Germany
Your product is brilliant.
Andy,Great Britain
I would thoroughly recommend RebelBetting to any serious Arbitrage Trader. The key element is that the Rebel application quickly browses straight to the bookmaker sites and opens up or highlights the required bet – allowing the arber to quickly confirm and then place the required bets. With odds often changing so rapidly, many of these excellent arbs would be missed if the user was browsing manually.RebelBetting offers an excellent selection of profitable cross market arbs too – and the software is easily configurable to meet the user’s particular requirements. I am consistently showing a profit of £150+ per day. It is a joy to use. Thanks Rebel!
I have found your customer service to be exemplary, as you have quickly and efficiently answered all my queries.
Steve R,England
I’d like to say that your software is fantastic and extremely well executed.
I appreciate the clear professionalism with which you have approached the whole problem, which has already put you far ahead of most of your competitors.
Shane Greenup (Aegist),SportsArbitrageGuide
I’ve been hugely impressed with this service, from the interface itself through to the customer service. […] I very much like the way the interface warns you of any potential dangers with the arb (same bookie, reversed participants, risk for palpable error etc) and its in-built calculator which automatically adjusts in line with amendments is very easy to use and pleasing on the eye. Its best feature (when it works correctly) is its one-touch automated navigation, login and ‘odds clicking’ on split screens to the relevant sportsbook website. I’ve not seen anything else as user-friendly as this in other alert services and when it all comes together it is an immensely pleasing experience. Review, ArbForum, March 7 2011
When I first heard about Sports Arbitrage and RebelBetting, I was sceptical because it involved betting on sports. I’ve never gambled in my life and I knew that sports betting equals to loosing money in the long run. But when I read about the mathematics of sports arbitrage I was intrigued. The fact that I could get an interest rate that was almost a hundred times higher than my regular bank offers made me decide to give it a try.

I downloaded RebelBetting and placed a few small test bets. After my first week I discovered I’ve made a 2% profit. A calculated annual interest of over 100%! I immediately decided to open more accounts and deposit more funds into the recommended bookmakers. I also made sure to use the registration bonuses offered by the bookmakers to boost my bankroll early on.

As a beginner, I made some mistakes and I even lost some bets the first month. But since I started with sports arbitrage and RebelBetting I’ve managed a 60% increase of my investment in only four months, and that is excluding all the deposit bonuses I have received from the bookmakers.

I can strongly recommend RebelBetting as a profitable and very low risk investment method.
Sven,Holmsund, Sweden
I’ve never seen a better software, I’m extremely pleased
Daniel Stenberg,Lund
I first heard about RebelBetting from a neighbour and didn’t quite understand what Sports Arbitrage was about. I’d heard about “safe bets” before, but not about arbitrage in the sports betting industry. I was pretty sceptic at first, thinking that this sounded too good to be true…

Anyway, I browsed to and downloaded the software. I didn’t really understand how it worked at first, and I almost even gave up the whole Sports Arbitrage idea. But I managed to get through the learning period, and after about an hour’s work of signing up at five bookmakers, I was ready to go! I already had an account at one bookmaker, so I now had a total of six bookies to test RebelBetting with.

I made some beginner mistakes the first week that cost me a few dollars, but the money I lost on the mistakes I made was well covered by the sign up bonuses I got when creating the bookmaker accounts. After the first week, everything started to get easier. I have a full-time job and a family, so I didn’t have that much time to set aside for Arbitrage Trading. Before I started with this, I made a promise to myself that I would only set aside about one hour per day of actively placing arbitrage bets. RebelBetting can be running in the background of my computer for the most part of the day, but I only allow myself to actively bet one hour per day. When it only takes 20-50 seconds to place a bet, I can fit in lots of bets in one hour!

I started out with a bankroll of about $500, but I have gradually increased my bankroll since the start. I increased it even more in the beginning of my third month with a subscription to RebelBetting, and I’m pretty pleased that I did! I had reached and passed the 10% barrier, locking a 15.3% profit of my total bankroll after subscription fees in October 2009. I have during my time with RebelBetting recommended the software to many of my friends, who also have started Arbitrage Trading. Most of them reacted the same way I did when I was new in the trade with comments similar to mine. “This must be too good to be true?!” A few of them have since then taken advantage of RebelBettings free week trial, and all of them who tried has continued to use the RebelBetting service. I can honestly recommend RebelBetting to anyone!
Björn Pettersson,Umeå, Sweden