How big should my starting bankroll be?

To be able to answer this question you have to first figure out how much money you want to make.

A bigger starting capital will generate more money, since the profit stands in proportion to your bankroll.  But you have to take some other factors into consideration as well.

One of them is how much time you want to dedicate.

Time is a key factor

If you’re arbitrage bettig, a small bankroll and plenty of time may very well generate a profit equal to what you can make using a bigger bankroll, but with limited time.

As a guideline, we recommend that you spend on average 20 hours per week monitoring for arbitrages. Please note that we don’t mean 20 hours of active trading time, just that you’re able to monitor RebelBetting for new trades as they arrive. If you work in front of a computer, you can have RebelBetting running in the background, alerting you of arbs that meet your filter criteria. The actual placement of the arb only takes a minute. 

If you have limited time you should focus your arbing to evenings and weekends when most games are played.

The same applies to ValueBetting as well.  When value betting you will have to focus on the volume of bets.  It is all about making profit over time, and you need to place as many bets as your time and bankroll allow. You have to build confidence in the value betting process and put trust in making money long term.

Another factor is how many bookmakers you use. The more capital you have, the more money you can use to fund bookmakers. More bookmakers mean more arbs and value bets – which in the end equals more money!

It’s a combination of these factors that determine your total profit.

Minimum bankroll

For arbitrage trading we recommend using a minimum of 400 euro. This is enough if you’re at the beginning of your arbitrage career and just want to use a small capital for practising sports arbitrage. But this is not the way to make a quick fortune – the growth of a 400 euro capital would be slow.

For many people, the ideal scenario would be to start with 5.000-10.000 euro. This would be enough to cover many bookmakers and still have money left to balance the accounts if some of them run out of money.

For value betting, we recommend a minimum bankroll of at least 200 euro. Note that when value betting, you have to have enough capital to cover a bad start. If you’re losing many bets in a row your bankroll can quickly be wiped out. So this means that you may need to have some backup funds to deposit if this scenario would happen.

Note that the ideal starting bankroll for some isn’t ideal for others. For instance, if you reside in a country with high gambling taxes or other applicable fees you may want an even bigger bankroll to start with.

Pros and cons of different starting capital:

Less than €400 bankroll
A bankroll smaller than 400 euro would not be suitable for arbing in the long run. If you have a lack of starting capital you should first take advantage of bookmaker bonuses by using MatchedBetting. This is a good entry point to the arbitrage world and will help boost a small bankroll. RebelBetting is focused solely on finding arbitrage opportunities. If you have less than 400 euro you should first use MatchedBetting and move on to RebelBetting once your bankroll is bigger. 

Another option is to use ValueBetting. This is the easiest way to make money on sports and is great for you who can handle risk. Value betting is taking advantage of the bookmakers overpriced odds, where you only bet on a single odds at a time.  This means that you will lose bets as well, but you will always have an edge over the bookmaker and profit over time

Small bankroll €400-2.000
When arbitrage betting with a small bankroll, you have to be clever and manage your money well. You may have trouble to keep your bookmaker accounts funded. This depends of course on how many bookmakers you use, but ideally, you would use at least 6-8 bookmakers when starting out.  You want to have enough money deposited at your bookmakers to be able to cover your next couple of bets, even when some of your money is ‘locked in’ while waiting for the bets to get graded. If you have a small bankroll we recommend you to use RebelBetting Lite or ValueBetting.  

Medium bankroll €2.000-10.000
When arbitrage betting, a capital of 2.000-10.000 would be enough to cover many bookmakers and still have money left to balance the accounts if some of them run out of money. With a capital this size, you should use RebelBetting  or ValueBetting.

Large bankroll €10.000-25.000
With a sizeable bankroll, you will not have any trouble keeping your bookmakers balanced when arbing or value betting.  However, if you have a big bankroll you’ll likely want to play with higher stakes. This could be a bit tricky due to the bet-limits bookmakers have on their odds. The top bookmakers accept bets of a few thousand euros, but usually not more. This means that there is a realistic “cap” of the amount of money you can make per month.


Ready to get started?

Here are some helpful tips to know of – no matter how small or big bankroll you have:

  • An e-wallet is good to use when balancing your accounts. You should strive to have around 10% of your total bankroll in your e-wallet for easy deposits if some accounts run out of money.
  • When you open up accounts at new bookmakers, make sure you take advantage of all bonuses first.
  • If you are curious to get started with arbitrage betting, the full Arbitrage Boot Camp e-book will teach you everything you need to know about bankroll management and sports arbitrage. You will receive it as soon as you subscribe to RebelBetting. If you want to profit using the method of value betting, subscribe to ValueBetting.

And if you don’t know what product to choose. Contact us and we’ll help you find a product that best suits your needs.