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Actual profits will vary. Value betting is a long term way to profit.

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Value betting explained

So what is value betting? Well, you take advantage of overpriced odds that are higher than their true probability. Simply put, you will be placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by their odds.

By analyzing the select few bookmakers that constantly, over millions of bets, make extremely accurate predictions. These “sharp” bookmakers automatically adjust their odds when expert traders place big bets, resulting in odds that almost perfectly reflect the actual probability of an outcome. Our servers gather and analyze over one million odds every 60 seconds, from both sharp and regular “soft” bookmakers.

This means we know not only the true odds, but also when soft bookmakers odds are off – creating a positive expected value. A value bet. Taking betting bias and market efficiency into account, we calculate and deliver the resulting value bets with the highest expected value to you.

Want to know more? Learn about the concept of value betting.

The easiest way to make money

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  • You only need a small number of bookmakers, three is plenty in the beginning. You can start with just one!

Value betting profit graph | RebelBetting

Community member emilovich’s value betting profit graph – over $15,000 profit with 5.5% Yield.

What our customers say

“A game changer”

Value betting and Sure betting are two really interesting products from RebelBetting that are tailored for you who wants to take betting to the next level. You’ll be sent loads of profitable bets your way and will learn a completely new approach to betting – a game changer! Read the Swedish RebelBetting article.

Rasim Reiz,

Not only can you not lose with RebelBetting’s first month Profit Guarantee, you won’t lose with their outstanding and consistent strike rates! Simply follow their value betting, track the live scores as you play, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a profitable bettor.

Aaron Murphy, Flashscore
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So far, I have earned about 52,000 SEK (around 5,000 USD) with the help of this service alone! This is a really good service and it is well worth the monthly cost. I discovered how easy it can be to make money betting without any real knowledge or interest. Trust the system and if you follow it, you will make money in the long run.

Robin, Sweden, November 2020
“It’s taken me less than two months of value betting to make as much as I made from matched betting in a year”
Read the full interview here.
Tom, ValueBetting user
“Love the possibility of making risk-controlled investments”

I love this type of platform where there is the possibility of making risk-controlled investments that give long-term returns. Also, it is very rare, in any sector, to find such careful and punctual customer care.

Agostino, Italy, October 2019
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I think ValueBetting is awesome and I have made very good money with it.

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The program works and is easy to use. I started with around $1,700 and have over $1,000 profit now after one month.

Stefan, Sweden, Value betting user
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I have placed about 4500 value bets, while I have almost quadrupled my initial deposit by now, in less than 2 months.

Jaroslav, Czech Republic, Value betting user
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Thanks to you guys I’m finally profiting from betting.

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Good news! I have made $5,697 profit. Using ValueBetting no more than 20 minutes each day, mostly just using my phone, I’ve almost doubled my bank in two and a half months.

This is what you get

What you get

Enjoy value betting on the go, from anywhere! RebelBetting is web-based and works great on both your mobile and desktop computer. All major browsers are supported. When subscribing you choose the plan best tailored to your needs – Starter or Pro.

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Bets over 7%
Bet settlement
80+ bookies
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No matter which plan you select you get thousands of value bets every day at any given time from multiple bookmakers, easy logging of bets in the BetTracker, advanced filters and time saving automatic bet settlement. The best thing is that when you join RebelBetting you will access both methods; value betting and sure betting. You don’t have to choose anything right now. Subscribe now and start making profits!

The BetTracker

Keeping track of your value betting profits has never been easier. With the integrated BetTracker, you log your bets with one click.

  • Log your value bets with one click

  • Complete overview of your betting history, results and profits over time
  • Keep track of your ROI, Yield, EV and much more
Value Betting by RebelBetting

Automatic bet settlement

With the automatic bet settlement add-on, your bets will be automatically updated with the final match results. This saves you a lot of time.

Your total profit and detailed statistics and reports are updated automatically.

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Key Takeaways

  • Value betting is a strategy of identifying bets with higher odds than the actual probability, enabled by understanding and calculating Expected Value (EV).
  • Leveraging technology through semi-automatic betting bots increases efficiency and precision in value bets.
  • Successful transition from novice to professional requires discipline, patience, and an understanding of the market.

Demystifying Value Betting: Your Path to Profitable Wagering

You will be targeting bets whose expected outcome is more favourable than the odds offered by bookmakers, deemed as fair odds. In sports betting, bookmakers set odds to reflect the likelihood of an event occurring, based on probability. A value bets finder can help you identify bets with higher odds than the actual probability of the outcome. Analyzing the lines from various bookmakers allows bettors to estimate a team’s win probability and pinpoint bets promising a higher profit margin.

The key to value betting lies in understanding the concept of Expected Value (EV) and identifying value bets by comparing bookmakers’ odds and calculating true probabilities. Acquiring proficiency in these techniques, coupled with the use of technology and market analysis, paves the way toward profitable betting.

Understanding the Concept of Expected Value (EV)

Expected Value (EV) serves as the cornerstone of value betting as it calculates the anticipated average winnings per bet, considering the true probability and the odds at hand. The expected value of a bet can be determined using the formula: (probability of winning multiplied by the odds offered) minus (probability of losing multiplied by the stake). A value bet occurs when the odds you receive indicate a higher likelihood of success than the actual probability. In value betting terms, precise probability is paramount as it contributes to the computation of a wager’s expected value (EV).

To illustrate the concept of EV, consider a simple example: a coin toss. The true probability of a coin landing on heads is 50%. If a bookmaker offers odds of 2.1 (decimal format) on a coin flip being heads, this represents a value bet, as the odds imply a probability of 47.6% (1/2.1), while the real probability is 50%. In this case, the EV is positive, and placing such bets consistently will lead to long-term profits.

The Mechanics of Finding Value Bets

Value betting involves recognizing bets with positive expected value (EV) by evaluating bookmakers’ odds and estimating true probabilities. Technology plays an integral role in value betting, enabling bettors to:

  • Identify value bets with greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Analyze historical data and statistics
  • Utilize betting software and algorithms
  • Monitor odds and line movements in real-time

To succeed in value betting, it is essential to comprehend the sport or specific area of the sport, as this knowledge lays the foundation for identifying profitable bets.

A comparison checker proves beneficial in scrutinizing the variance in odds set by different bookmakers, assisting you in identifying potential value bets. By comparing odds from multiple bookmakers, you can identify discrepancies and opportunities where the odds offered are higher than the true probability of the outcome.

The Art of Calculating True Odds

A person calculating true odds for a sports event

Establishing the genuine odds of a bet is the key. True odds refer to the odds that would be posted if bookmakers were not taking any commission, that is, no vigorish. To calculate true odds, the vigorish must be subtracted from the posted odds.

Mathematical formulas used to calculate true odds in sports betting include O = P / (1 – P) for calculating odds from probability and P = O / (O + 1) for calculating probability from odds. These formulas can be utilized to accurately determine the true odds of a wager, thereby aiding in finding odds and making informed and profitable decisions.

Deciphering Decimal and American Odds

Decimal odds are a type of odds commonly utilized by bookmakers in Europe, Australia, and Canada. Calculating potential winnings with decimal odds involves multiplying the stake by the decimal odds and then subtracting the initial stake to determine the potential profit. On the other hand, American odds are represented by the amount of money one must wager to win $100 if the odds have a ‘minus’ symbol, or the profit one would make if they wager $100 when there is a ‘plus’ symbol.

Grasping and converting various betting odds is pivotal to be successful, enabling bettors to juxtapose the odds posted by diverse bookmakers and pinpoint the market’s best value. By mastering the art of deciphering decimal and American odds, you can ensure that you’re making well-informed betting decisions and optimizing your potential profits.

The Role of Betting Software in Identifying Value Bets

Betting software plays a crucial role in value betting, aiding bettors in pinpointing value bets with increased efficiency and accuracy. Software tools such as RebelBetting can help you find value bets by comparing bet odds from multiple bookmakers and highlighting discrepancies. The tool saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on placing bets with higher potential returns.

Harnessing technology and integrating betting software into your strategy can enhance your overall efficiency and boost your prospects for long-term success.

Strategies for Successful Value Bettors

An image illustrating the concept of value betting in sports betting strategy.

Experienced value bettors employ strategies such as:

  • Recognizing scenarios where the sportsbook’s odds do not reflect the rea probability of an outcome

  • Being judicious in wagers and emphasizing long term value instead of merely selecting winners

  • Making use of several bookmakers to acquire the best odds and benefit from promotions

  • Disregarding media chatter and wagering based solely on data and value
  • Adopting a calculative, patient, and professional attitude to their approach

Marrying these strategies with efficient market analysis and specialization in certain sports or events will pave the way toward success. By honing your skills and consistently applying these techniques, you’ll increase your chances of finding good value bets and maximizing your profits in the long run.

Market Analysis Techniques

Successful value bettors employ a comprehensive approach to market analysis, which includes researching and analyzing discrepancies in odds, comparing them to the true probability, and identifying profitable opportunities through research. This analysis can be augmented by a variety of tools, such as market research tools, sports betting analytics and prediction tools as well as data analysis tools. These tools facilitate the collection of data, the generation of sports markets, the analysis of data, and the provision of insights to enable more profitable bets.

Value Betting Versus Other Betting Methods

Value betting is distinct from other betting methods, such as matched betting and arbitrage betting, in that it centers on finding wagers with greater chances of success than those implied by the odds provided by bookies. Arbitrage betting, on the other hand, covers all outcomes of a match, thereby guaranteeing a win regardless of the result. Matched betting involves utilizing free bets or other promotions to cover bets and guarantee at least one victor.

A person comparing value betting to other betting methods

Value betting presents prospects for enhanced scalability and potential earnings compared to other betting methods. Matched betting restricts profits to the promotion limits set by bookmakers, whereas value betting enables bettors to identify occasions where bookmakers have overpriced their odds, thereby increasing the potential for higher profits in the long run.

The Long-Term Edge of Value Betting

Value betting provides an edge with potential for increased scalability and earnings, compared to other betting methods like matched betting and arbitrage betting. By identifying and capitalizing on chances where the odds provided by bookmakers are higher than the actual probability of an outcome occurring, value bettors have a higher chance of generating a profit over time. This is achieved by systematically and disciplinedly placing bets with positive expected value.

By regularly making positive EV bets, bettors can bolster their chances of long-term profitability in value betting. Some strategies to achieve this include:

  • Beating the closing line, securing a more favorable price or odds than the closing line provided by the sharpest bookmakers

  • Obtaining better odds to increase potential gain
  • Raising chances of making successful bets

These strategies are usually signs of successful betting for a long-term bettor.

Navigating Risks and Maximizing Rewards in Value Betting

A person managing their bankroll for value betting

Despite the consistent profits promised by value betting, awareness of the potential risks involved remains crucial. These risks include potential restrictions from banking institutions, account limitations, and the unpredictable nature of sports events. Managing these risks effectively can help ensure long-term success in value betting.

One of the most crucial aspects of managing risks in value betting is effective bankroll management. By setting a budget, establishing betting limits, and practicing responsible play, you can minimize the risks associated with value betting and maximize your potential rewards.

Bankroll Management for Value Bettors

In value betting, bankroll management is vital as it guarantees sustained profitability and minimizes the risk of depleting your bankroll. It enables you to distribute your betting funds effectively, establish betting limits, and abstain from attempting to recover losses. By managing your bankroll judiciously, you can maintain self-control, make informed bets, and maximize your odds of success in value betting.

Strategies for effective bankroll management include:

  • Setting a budget and adhering to it
  • Defining limits on the amount to be wagered per game
  • Diversifying bets
  • Keeping track of wins and losses

Implementing these strategies can help you stay disciplined in your value betting approach, ensuring that you don’t wager any more money than you’re willing to lose and maximizing your chances of long-term profitability.

Building a Steady Stream of Profits Through Value Betting

Cultivating a steady income stream through value betting necessitates discipline, consistency, and strategic planning. By leveraging technology, market analysis, and specialized knowledge, you can develop a consistent value betting strategy and employ effective risk management techniques. It is important to note that this requires discipline and continual improvement in one’s betting skills.

A person using betting bots to place bets

By regularly making positive EV bets, bettors can bolster their chances of long-term profitability in value betting. The key is to stay focused on the long-term goals, consistently applying the techniques and strategies outlined in this blog post, and adjusting to changing market conditions. With patience, perseverance, and the right tools, you can turn value betting into a reliable source of income.

Value Betting Case Studies: From Novice to Pro

The transition from a novice to a pro in value betting can present both hurdles and rewards. Novice value bettors may face challenges such as unrealistic expectations, poor judgment, and inexperience. However, as they gain knowledge and experience, they can develop the discipline and patience needed to adhere to their strategies and adjust to changing market conditions, ultimately increasing their chances of long-term profitability.

Inspiring stories of bettors who have successfully mastered value betting demonstrate the potential rewards for those who apply this strategy with discipline and patience.

By learning from their successes and overcoming the challenges, you too can achieve long-term profitability in value betting.

The transition from a novice to a pro in value betting

Sports to use when value betting

Value bets can be made on lots of sports, including:


In conclusion, value betting is a powerful strategy that can lead to consistent profits and long-term success in sports betting. By understanding the concept of expected value, mastering the art of calculating true odds, leveraging technology, and employing proven market analysis techniques, you can increase your chances of finding value bets and maximizing your profits.

Remember, the journey from novice to pro in value betting requires patience, perseverance, and the right tools. Stay focused on your long-term goals, and you’ll be well on your way to building a steady stream of profits through value betting.

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FAQ: Value Betting

A value bet is a sports betting wager that has better odds than what the odds should be. Using a value betting strategy gives you an edge over the betting sites, enabling you to have a successful betting career with a long-term profit.

The easiest way to explain how to find value bets is with the example of a coin toss. When tossing a coin there can only be two outcomes; heads or tails. We know that the probability of the coin toss to land on either heads or tails is 50% each. In decimal odds, this equals an odds of 2.00 for either outcome. This is called the “fair odds” and represents the true probability of an outcome to occur if the bookmaker wouldn’t add their profit margin, or “vig”. To calculate the likelihood of this happening in decimal odds we use this formula: Odds = 1/probability in decimals. In this example, the odds would be: 1/0.5= 2.00 which is the accurate odds of this specific outcome to happen.

Now take the above coin toss example and imagine you were offered odds of 2.10 on heads at one sportsbook. Would you take that bet? Does it have an edge? Since you get better odds than the actual probability of the outcome to happen you should, of course, take the bet.

The odds of 2.10 is higher than what the underlying probability suggests, creating an edge – a value bet. The bigger the difference, the more profitable the value bet will be and the more advantage and profits you can expect against the bookies.

To spot a value bet, you must calculate the bookmaker’s probability percentage by dividing 100 by the bookmaker’s odds, which is also known as the implied probability or the likelihood of that event happening. Then find the real probability by analyzing sharps and other different bookmakers’ lines. Then, finally, subtract the bookmaker probability from the true probability and divide it by the bookmaker probability. This will reveal a statistically positive expected return, indicating a value bet. RebelBetting does all this for you, in real-time. All you have to do is to place the suggested bets!

Arbitrage bets provide a guaranteed win by betting on all outcomes of a match, whereas value bets involve a higher risk but greater reward by betting on one outcome only, the value bet. The typical edge for an arbitrage bet is around 2% whereas the average value bet lies around 4.5%.

RebelBetting scans all odds offered by its supported bookies to identify value bet and arbitrage betting opportunities and highlight them for users.

Finding value

RebelBetting compares millions of sports bets, online betting markets and sports events to each other to find which odds offer the most competitive odds.

Profit in the long run

By placing these wagers on these bets with good value, using the built-in Kelly Criterion staking strategy that for each value bet calculates the optimal bet size for maximum growth of your bankroll, bettors will beat the bookmakers’ odds posted which will lead to a profit and positive return in the long run.

A value bet in poker is when a player bets expecting to have more equity than their opponent, and stands to win when their opponent calls with the worst hand. A value bet in poker is all about making the correct long-term decision to maximize your expected profit.