100% Profit Guarantee

We’ve been helping customers outsmart the bookmakers and win on sports for over a decade.

We know our products works.

In fact, we are so confident about it that we offer a Profit Guarantee.

If you don’t make a betting profit the first month you get another month for free – again and again until you profit! We take all the risk.

It is almost unheard of for a customer to be unprofitable after two months, which is why we can offer such a generous guarantee.

100% Profit Guarantee

Value betting

  • Place at least 500 bets from Value betting, to reduce variance

  • Log and grade the bets with the Bet Tracker

  • Use a recommended staking strategy  with Kelly criterion <= 30%, max stake <= 1,5% and max odds 3.0.

  • Net profit less than €0 in your first month subscribed. Subscription cost not included.

Sure betting

  • Place at least 50 positive sure bets.

  • Log and grade bets with the BetTracker.

  • Net profit less than €0 in your first month subscribed. Subscription cost not included.


Deleted bets in the log book will void the profit guarantee. Cancelled, voided and not accepted bets/arbs do not count towards the quota. Note: The Profit Guarantee does not automatically kick in – giving you one extra month free of charge. We are giving you the extra time to your account manually. Please contact us to claim the Profit Guarantee.

“Make a profit, or get another month for free!”

Björn, CEO, RebelBetting

Don’t know what method to start with?

You don’t have to choose. When joining you can access both value betting and sure betting. Both are great ways to make money on sports betting. Want to learn more about the respective investment method? Compare sure betting to value betting.

If you need help getting started, just contact us.

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RebelBetting Pro

199/ month
  • Value bets & sure bets
  • Maximize your profit
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  • Access non-limiting bookies

RebelBetting Starter

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  • Value bets & sure bets
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  • ROI over 30% / month