You can move funds from one bookmaker to another without having to withdraw or deposit any money. Do this simply by betting on arbitrages with high odds on the bookie you want to transfer from, and low odds on the bookie you want to transfer to.

You can bet on a 0% arb – it doesn’t matter what size the arbitrage is. The purpose is only to move money without fees and to keep a low profile without attracting attention from the bookmakers. But if you for instance bet on a 1% arb you will also get a profit from the transfer.

As an example, let’s say you want to transfer 50 Euro from Bwin to Bet365.

Transfer money between bookmakers without having to withdraw and deposit money

In this example you will stake €50 on Bwin at odds of 5.0
And stake 200 on Bet365 with odds of 1.25.

If everything goes as expected you will have +50 on Bet365 (250 profit – 200 stake) and -50 on Bwin. 

The underdog might, of course, win as well, which means that you’ll have to try this again and find another 0% arb. But the high odds at Bwin makes it more likely that you’ll lose your bet at Bwin and win at Bet365. 

Note! In case the underdog wins, you may end up with a lot of money on the bookmaker you wanted to transfer from.  See this as an alternative method to transfer money that you can use from time to time. You can, of course, withdraw/deposit as usual but be aware of transaction fees bookmakers apply when you deposit and withdraw. Better is of course if you always have some funds left in your e-wallet/credit card to balance your accounts so you don’t need to withdraw at all.

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