Matchbook is a bit different when compared to Betfair, Betdaq or Smarkets. Below are som general tips to make it easier using Matchbook.

1. Enter your Matchbook settings and select “Back-Lay” under “Exchange Type” (highlighted in the screenshot below). Now you will see the odds in the same way as in Betfair, instead of Matchbooks “Binary” odds which can be difficult to understand.[singlepic id=32 w=320 h=240 float=none]

2. Let’s say that you wish to lay (bet against) Man City. In the below screenshot you can see that the lay-odds is 3.560 (with a market depth of $2,500). Click on that odds to add the bet into your “Order Pad”.[singlepic id=30 float=none]

3. “b-stake” is your “Backers stake” (the amount you wish to win). “L-stake” is your liability (what you risk to lose).[singlepic id=31 float=none]

For more information about lay-betting, just go to the lay-bet FAQ.


Matchbook commission explained

Matchbook charges 2-4% commission on bets. Full explanation here

0% Commission Promotion

Sometimes Matchbook runs promotions where they set commission to 0% for RebelBetting customers.
If you have registered for this promotion with your Matchbook username, the comission calculation is automatically adjusted.
If you HAVEN’T registered, the ROI calculation is incorrect and you need to calculate yourself manually.