ROI vs Yield

The most important metrics in sports betting

ROI (Return on investment)

ROI is a measure of how much your bankroll increased during a specific period. For example one month, one year or since the beginning.

Yield doesn’t change depending on bankroll.

ROI will typically increase over time, whereas yield will stay roughly the same.

Calculation: Total profit / Starting bankroll

(Note: In RebelBetting, we show ROI for each individual sure bet. In this context, ROI shows how much you will profit by betting on one sure bet, compared to money invested (the total stake).)

Yield (Return per bet)

How much you profit per bet, or per euro/dollar/etc invested (staked).

Your yield is a measure on how efficient your betting is. It doesn’t take the size of your bankroll into account, so it’s a good relative number to compare with other trading strategies, or other users.

Yield will typically not increase over time, as ROI does.

Calculation: Total profit / Total staked (total turnover)

Equally important – the Closing Line Value (CLV)

Another equally important metric to measure if your betting is profitable is the closing line value or CLV.

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