As a sports bettor, you may have come across the term bet broker (or bet agent / betting agent as they’re also called). In this article, you’ll learn what a bet broker is and how you can benefit from using them when sports betting. We’ve also compiled a list for you of some of the most popular and trusted bet agent services.

What is a bet broker / bet agent?

Simply put, a bet broker acts as a middleman between you and the bookmaker (or an exchange such as Matchbook) in the process of placing bets. A bet broker will give you single-account access to multiple bookmakers at the same time and provide you with the best odds available on the market. Here’s a list of recommended bet brokers and their respective sign-up offers. 

Why should I use a betting broker?

Betting brokers provide access to more betting markets, higher limits, and better odds than most bettors could find through traditional means. By using a broker, bettors can also take advantage of sure betting and value betting opportunities that would be difficult to find without one. These benefits make it easier for bettors to maximize their potential profits over the long-term.

Using a bet agent or bet broker can let you access bookmakers that you are already limited on, or bookmakers that aren’t available in your country.

Not all bookmakers have a license to operate in every country, meaning you may very well be one of them that misses out on good bookmakers, like Pinnacle, simply because these bookmakers aren’t available for you because of where you live.

Using a bet broker you will also be able to place higher stakes and bet maximum limits across many bookmakers. This means that you can increase your earnings substantially.

And by using a betting agent you’ll have access to the best odds available on the market. You don’t have to pay as much commission (also known as vig, juice) as you would have, using multiple regular bookmaker accounts.

Another advantage of using a bet agent is that you’ll also get access to many of the big Asian bookmakers’ odds. Many Asian bookmakers aren’t accessible in other ways than via a bet broker. These bookmakers many times offer far greater limits that the regular bookmakers that you use outside the bet broker service. Want to learn more about Asian bookmakers? Check out this article Asian bookmakers – uncovering the mysteries.

With a bet broker account, you will access multiple bookmakers at the same time. This means you don’t have to spend unnecessary time moving funds across bookmakers. They will do all the heavy lifting for you!

How does a bet agent work?

A bet broker will provide you with accounts with various bookmakers. They act as the middleman between you and the bookmakers where you play in the bookmakers accounts, but the transactions are done through the bet broker.

Not all bet brokers work the same way though, but the most common is that when you’re using a bet broker you will only have one account (that is, with the bet broker) from which you can place all of your bets.

One thing all brokers have in common is, that using a bet broker, you’ll be able to take advantage of the best odds available for a given betting event across a range of bookmakers. This also means less administrative work, and you don’t have to spend unnecessary time to move funds from one bookmaker to another or have to keep track of multiple bookmaker accounts.

Video: What is a bet broker?

Check out this video to understand how bet brokers work and which are included in RebelBetting.

How do bet brokers make their money?

Bet brokers earn a commission from bringing traffic to the bookmakers. Also, they usually don’t operate completely for free, meaning they will charge you for their services in one way or another. But many sports bettors feel like the cost associated with using a bet broker are fully worth it considering the many possibilities a bet broker service will bring you.

Depending on the choice of bet broker you will have to pay a fee, and/or commission. Some are charging fees for placing bets, while others apply other forms of charges. Bear in mind that there are also transaction costs associated with withdrawals and bank transfers to and from the broker (just like it is using a regular bookmaker). 

Recommended bet agents/bet brokers


With a BetInAsia BLACK account, you get instant access to the best odds and highest limits with the major Asian bookmakers – while only having to keep track of one account. Sign up with BetInAsia here and choose between two exclusive sign up offers.

The main advantages of BetInAsia are the highest odds and liquidity offered, no restrictions for winners, multiple payment options, professional betting environment, smooth user experience and superb customer service.

Integrated into RebelBetting: Yes

Bookmakers available via Betinasia: PS3838, Singbet, Sharp, betIBC, SBObet 3et, 18bet, BETISN, and JAbet along with the exchanges:
Betfair, Betdaq, Molly, and Matchbook

Note! Redzone and Smarkets are not accessible in all countries, visit the BetInAsia website for more information.

Minimum deposit:  50 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies.

Minimum stake: 5 Euro

Additional information: If you come from USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea you are not able to sign up with BetInAsia, sorry.

BetInAsia offers the most popular and common payment methods: Credit/Debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, RapidTransfer, EcoPayz, MuchBetter, Jeton, CashToCode, Astropay, Mifinity, Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, Tron, DAI, Dogecoin and Litecoin.



Brokerstorm elevates the betting experience with the Asianstorm betting platform, offering access to multiple Asian Bookmakers through a single account. Sign up with Brokerstorm now and access a world of premier odds and diverse betting options. Brokerstorm welcomes punters of all sizes, offering the smallest deposits and withdrawals in the market (50 EUR respectively). Brokerstorm also facilitates the most flexible instant transactions by accepting ALL cryptocurrencies supported by major international crypto exchanges. Join today!

Intergrated into Rebel Betting: Yes

Bookmakers available via Brokerstorm:
18bet, 3et, IBCbet, BetISN, Pin88, JAbet, SBO, Sharp, Singbet, VX and multiple exchanges, such as Betfair, Bdaq, Fair, Corso, Mbook, Molly, OrbitX, Betnfair, Winfair24.
*Some bookmakers and exchanges may have country restrictions. Visit the Brokerstorm website for detailed information.

Minimum Deposit:
50 EUR

Minimum Stake:
it is determined by selected bookmakers on the platform

Additional Information: Sign Up offers: *20% welcome bonus of up to 200 EUR or *0,1% CashBack

Country Restrictions: USA, UK, Belize, Comoros, Turkey, Austria, France, Spain, Netherlands. For the latest and most detailed information, please refer to the official Brokerstorm website.


Sportmarket will give you access to some of the best known bookmakers in the business, and most importantly bookmakers that will not limit or close the accounts of long term winners. You will have single account access to a range of bookmakers and will be able to take advantage of the best odds available. Last but not least, they are fully integrated into RebelBetting, meaning you’ll access their odds fast and easy.
Sign up with Sportmarket and get 2 free weeks of RebelBetting Pro

Also, make sure to check out the Sportmarket Quick start guide

Integrated into RebelBetting: Yes
Bookmakers available via Sportmarket: Betfair*, Betdaq, Matchbook, Pinnacle (PS3838), ISN, 18Bet, 3et, Redzone, JAbet, Penta88, Singbet**, Brokerage service***

* Sportmarket are not in a position to offer select bookmakers to customers coming from countries that have been restricted by our partners.

** Singbet is an optional bookmaker and is never activated by default. If you are interested in adding Singbet to your betting portfolio, please get in touch with us by sending an email to

*** Brokerage service is available on our Sportmarket Pro tool. It is very similar to classic “Skype betting”. No-voids guarantee (unless there is a proper reason for the bet to be voided); be noted that the minimum bet is €1,000 through this service and stakes below that (lower stakes) will not be taken into consideration.

Minimum deposit: 250 Euro
Minimum stake: 10 Euro
Additional information:

  • Unfortunately, customers who are residents in US, UK, France are not able to register at Sportmarket as well as customers from any other country not listed within the Sign-up form.
  • Accumulator bets are implemented as of July 2020 and currently are available for: Soccer, NBA and NFL.
  • Credit/Debit Card payments are available as of September 2020 and accepted are only Visa/Mastercard. Cards issued in the following countries will not be accepted due to geo-restrictions of our Card provider: USA, UK, France, Norway, Japan, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Poland, Switzerland and Australia.


Asianconnect (or Asianconnect88) is one of the most popular bet brokers that provides exclusive access to betting in Asia. They are the only broker that allows customers from the UK. They are well known in the industry and have been around for more than 10 years.

Asianodds is the name of the betting platform of Asianconnect, which compiles real-time odds for many of the biggest online bookmakers. They also offer Skype betting, which is a service where traders will be the ones to place your bets through Skype.

Sign up with Asianconnect here and get 2 free weeks of RebelBetting or ValueBetting.

Make sure to check out the Asianconect quick start guide as well.

Integrated into RebelBetting: Yes
Bookmakers available via Asianconnect: 3et, SBObet, PS3838 (Pinnacle), Singbet, Penta88, BetISN and OrbitX.
Minimum deposit: The minimum deposit to open a an account on any of the bookmakers they offer is 10 EUR on each bookmaker. As for Asianodds, the minimum deposit is 100 EUR and for Skype Betting platform, the minimum deposit is 150 EUR.
Minimum stake: Minimum 2-10 Euro stake depends on what bookmakers you bet with.

Premium Tradings

Premium Tradings Is a bet broker established by some of the pioneers of the online sports betting industry. They offer high limit accounts and lets you enjoy some of the best odds available on the market.

Using Premium Tradings you will be able to bet in many connected bookmakers with just one click. They also offer tools where customers can connect directly with traders, and by doing so, be able to get higher limits on their requested bets.

Another advantage is that they offer bookmakers like Babibet, 1bet and 18bet, that cannot be found with other bet broker services.

Integrated into RebelBetting: No
Bookmakers available via Premium Tradings: Maxbet, SBObet, Pinnacle, 1Bet, ISNbet, GA268, Babibet, 18bet, Matchbook, 9wickets, Orbit exchange, Turf7, Citibet
Minimum deposit: 200EUR
Minimum stake: Minimum stake is different for different bookies. Stakes vary from 2 EUR to 15 EUR.

3et logo

3et is not a bet broker, but a premier sharp sportsbook that offers odds and limits comparable to leading low-margin/high-limit sportsbooks such as Pinnacle, ISN, and Matchbook. With 3et, you get access to a wide range of markets with competitive limits and best odds.

3et is fully licensed and regulated, ensuring a secure betting environment. They offer a variety of payment options, including cryptocurrency, making deposits and withdrawals convenient and flexible.

Get started with 3et by signing up with a minimum deposit of $100. Enjoy the flexibility and competitive edge that 3et provides in the sports betting market. Sign up with 3et here

Integrated into RebelBetting: Yes
Bookmakers available via 3et: They offer comparable odds to Pinnacle, SBO, Maxbet, ISN, and Matchbook.
Minimum deposit: 100 EUR

Additional information:

  • Betting volume is calculated against the lesser of win (return) or stake amount for each bet.
  • Due to automated odds and currency conversions, 3et will often match slightly less than requested. For example, you may request $200 and be confirmed $199.75. This is completely normal.
  • 3et is not available for customers from the UK, US, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. List of accepted countries here.
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