We’re excited to announce our integration with the exclusive, invite-only bookmaker 3et. RebelBetting is the first arbitrage service in the world to add this revolutionary bookmaker.

Founded in 2015 for professional bettors, 3et is a very different bookmaker:

  • Very high odds, in range with Pinnacle.
  • Some of the highest limits in the world.
  • Best of all, never restricts arbitrage customers.

An account on 3et connects you directly to the global betting market; it’s like having access to the largest bookmakers in the world all at once.

How to register on 3et

  • Login to your RebelBetting value betting or sure betting account
  • Go to Options – Filters
  • Add 3et as a bookmaker to your bookmaker list and click the Save button
  • Click the 3et link to register
3et register link
Additional information:
  • 3et requires a minimum stake of 100 EUR per bet (or currency equivalent).
  • Betting volume is calculated against the lesser of win (return) or stake amount for each bet.
  • 3et’s odds can move very quickly, so we recommend that you lock in your bet with 3et before other bookmakers to ensure your request is filled.
  • Due to automated odds and currency conversions, 3et will often match slightly less than requested. For example, you may request $200 and be confirmed $199.75. This is completely normal.
  • 3et is not available for customers from UK, US, France, Spain.