Making a profit from betting on sports on a continuous basis is not rocket science; in fact, the strategy that underpins it is deceptively simple. Value betting. When matched betting chances are gone, and you have been burned by that “profitable” tipster, many turn to value betting. This is a mathematically proven investment method where you bet on overpriced odds at the bookmakers, with a guaranteed edge.

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The Importance of Value Betting

Value betting is different from matched betting and arbitrage betting in that it does not involve wagering on every possible result. When you identify a bookie, whose odds are much higher than they should be, you take advantage of the situation by betting with them.

When engaging in arbitrage betting, it is common practice to hedge your bet by making an opposite wager with a third-party bookmaker. These odds are correct, but the second bookmaker has a built-in profit margin, so you’re not getting the best deal. In value betting, you only wager on the result that has high odds (excellent value), in the knowledge that you are increasing your potential return on investment. Long-term, with enough bets made, you will overcome the fluctuation in your outcomes, resulting in bigger earnings than you would have seen with arbitrage betting or matched betting. This is why we say that value betting is the easiest way to make money on sports.

Regular tipsters vs. value betting

A huge number of online tipster sites exist. It’s true that anybody may hit on a few reliable wins, and it’s also possible to stumble onto a tipster at the peak of their success. But how many reliable sources of information are conveniently accessible online?

Professional tipsters may choose to keep their information to themselves rather than risk losing their own income by helping others. A source of “inside knowledge” may not reveal either that information or the methods by which it was obtained. Each bettor will get a unique set of recommendations designed to increase their chances of winning. Read here why value betting outperforms tipsters every time.

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    How to get started

    When you start Value Betting for the very first time, the settings that are considered best practise are automatically activated for you. You may depend on the default settings for as long as you need, until you get more experience, if you are just starting out and don’t know which settings to pick. If you want to read more about the settings and the program interface, check out the value betting manual.

    A value bet example

    Imagine if Chelsea is a 2.5 favorite to win. If the odds of Chelsea winning are 2.5, then the percentage of winning is 40% (100 divided by 2.5). The odds of Chelsea winning are around 35%, hence a reasonable price for the wager would be 100/35 = 2.8.

    Now for your first value bet!

    When we use the calculation for anticipated value, which is expected value = (Fair probability – Market probability) / Market probability, we instantly see that this match has a positive expected return:

    Expected Value = (35% – 40%) / 40% = 0.52

    This indicates that you anticipate a profit of 0.52 € for every € that you stake as a wager.

    Note that this is a simplified example. In reality, we also take several other parameters into account when calculating the value of a bet such as the bookmaker margin, betting bias, market efficiency etc. Check out the value betting guide to learn more.

    When value betting you can choose from a wide variety of bookies and sports and keep track of all of your wagers with ease with the built-in BetTracker. We provide every feature you might desire to maximise your profit. Better still, you get a 14-day free trial.  Join now!

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