It’s easy to find a tipster with an impressive 10% yield (ROI/bet) over 1000 bets. Sound fantastic, right?
The problem is, with hundreds of tipsters, one of them will get that yield by just betting randomly.

In fact, if you place 100 bets with an average odds of 2.0 and get a 5% yield (profit per dollar invested), there’s still a one-in-three chance you got that result just out of pure luck. (The p-value is below 0.3).

Are tipsters really profitable?

A tipster site with hundreds of tipsters will always have a handful at the top with a seemingly excellent yield. But if you check their details, they usually don’t have more than a few hundred bets. This means it’s impossible to know if tipsters are, in fact, profitable or are just being lucky. And all the losing ones at the bottom? They will quit and be removed from the list entirely, quickly to be replaced by other “top performers”. This is called survivorship bias.

This does not mean there are no profitable tipsters, just way fewer than you think. And they are more likely to be in a large betting syndicate and won’t spend their time posting on public tipster sites. We’ve only seen a handful since we started RebelBetting back in 2008.

Better alternative to tipsters

Instead of following a tipster, throw luck out of the window. Sign up for an “automated tipster service” with proof of profitability and beating the closing line after millions of bets.

Another problem with tipsters is the low volume. They might average 30 tips per month. With RebelBetting you can bet on hundreds of value and sure bets every day. If you’re not convinced yet, here is an even more in-depth analysis of tipsters vs value betting including the real results from over 2000 tipsters.

Or read more about the statistics of tipsters, from the guy who actually wrote the book about tipsters! His conclusion: “If a tipster’s record looks too good to be true, it probably is. Before buying, test it for evidence of outperforming the closing odds and the presence of randomness in its sequences.”

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