ValueBetting web Quick start

Go to the value betting guide if you want to read up on value betting basics.

Check out what’s new. New versions released every month.

How to place a value bet

  1. Click on a value bet in the list. 
  2. Press the bet button in the bet details view. This will open a tab in your browser and take you to the bookmaker website, and sometimes directly to the event.
  3. Find the correct odds at the bookmaker.
  4. Double check the bet, enter the suggested stake and confirm the bet at the bookmaker.
  5. Log your bet clicking the ‘Log button’.

Read the manual below for detailed information about the interface.


Let’s get started

When starting ValueBetting web for the first time, the recommended default settings are already enabled. If you are a beginner and don’t know what settings to choose, just rely on the default settings. You can, of course, change these settings yourself later on if you want.

Kelly criterion stake sizing strategy
ValueBetting has a built-in staking strategy: Kelly criterion for stake sizing. This will ensure optimal profits, but you can also use it to lower risk. Default Kelly is set to 30%.

Maximum stake
Default max stake is 1%. The max stake is set in percent relative to your bankroll.

Maximum odds
Default settings are minimum odds of 1.2 and maximum odds 3.1. Don’t bet on the highest odds just because they give the highest value. Higher odds are more unlikely to result in a win and this will increase the variance. Have an even lower max-odds to further reduce variance. For instance, don’t bet on value bets with odds higher than around 2.5. This is, of course, all depending on how much variance you are willing to take.

Minimum and maximum value
ValueBetting has default settings to show a minimum value of 1% and a maximum value of 10%. A very high value percentage has a larger risk of being a palpable error. If you’re unsure, check if other bookmaker’s odds are similar.

Last bet date
The default setting is 24 hours. Matches that are played more than 24 hours in the future will be hidden. The closer to match start the higher confidence you can have in the estimated value percentage.

Follow the four steps below to get started.

Step 1 – Enter your bankroll

Go the ‘Options’ tab and enter your starting bankroll and current bankroll. The value you enter will be the same on both when you start. Click save.

Note! When value betting it is important that you update your current bankroll often, preferably every day. 

Step 2 – Select bookmakers

Click on the ‘Bookmakers’ tab and select the bookmakers you wish to use.  Click save. If you haven’t signed up with any bookmaker yet, check out our recommended bookmakers for valuebetting. See all supported bookmakers here.

Step 3 – Enter currency and timezone

Select the ‘User’ tab. Enter your main currency and select rounding on all bookmakers. To select rounding on specific bookmakers go to the Bookmaker setup tab instead. Also select how many hours before UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) you are. Make sure that the entered value correlates to your local time. Click save.

Step 4 – Customize bookmaker settings

Go to the ‘Setup’ tab to customize your bookmaker settings individually. In the drop-down menu, you will only see the bookmakers you have enabled in the bookmaker list. Select a bookmaker in the drop-down menu and enter preferred currency (if not your default currency), rounding and other domain (if necessary). Click save.

You’re all set and ready to go!

Now, it’s time for the fun part. Start value betting! Or you can read the manual below for more detailed information about the interface. Further down this page you also get information about limitations in the web version that is good to know of.


The main view

Below image is the main view. Here you’ll see a list of continuously updated value bets.  

The navigation menu

The navigation menu gives you quick access to the most important pages. If you click on ‘Bets’ you’ll access the main view where the value bets are presented. When clicking on the hamburger menu in the middle you can access ‘Options’, ‘Help’, ‘Restart app’ and ‘Logout’. From the navigation menu, you can also click on the ‘Tracker’ which will take you to the Bet Tracker where you can see all your logged bets.

The presented value bet

The value bets are presented as separate “cards” listed according to your predefined settings. 

The bet details view

When you click on a value bet you will see the bet details panel. Here you can edit the odds and stake if you have to. In this view, you will get all the information you need to place the bet. In this view, you also have the option to bet, log, snooze or remove the bet.

The Bet button: Bet opens a new browser tab to the bookmaker. Currently, you might end up at the match, but often just to the bookmaker start page. This will improve in the future.

The Log button:  Click this after placing a successful bet. It will be copied and saved to your personal Bet Tracker.

Snooze: The snooze function will hide the value bet for a few hours, up until the start of the match. First until six hours before the match, then in two hour increments. The bet will always appear at least 15 minutes before the match start.

Remove: By clicking remove you will remove the bet or the entire match (depending on your predefined settings) if you don’t want to bet for any reason. You can also just remove the particular odds, see Options).


In the Options view you will customize your preferred settings; bankroll, Kelly stake sizing, max stake etcetera. This is important to do before you get started as this will define which value bets to display in the main view list. When changing settings, remember to click the ‘Save’ button.


In the Bookmakers tab, you can select your preferred bookmakers in the list. At the bottom of the list, you can also select markets and sports.

Read more about the different bet types (markets) and their abbreviations. And supported sports.

Bookmaker setup

In the Setup tab you can specify currency, rounding and domain for each bookmaker individually. The drop down meny only shows your pre-selected bookmakers. 


In the Users tab you select your main currency and rounding on all bookmakers. This currency will also be presented in the Bet Tracker as your default currency. To define a specific currency and rounding for individual bookmakers, go to the Setup tab instead. Also, select how many hours before UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) you are. Make sure that the entered value correlates to your local time.

Bet Tracker

The bet tracker is the where you keep track of your logged bets, your profit and a number of statistics. Bets will also be graded automatically if you have the bet settlement add on, which means we will know the match results and will change the status from Pending to Win or Lost, for example. For more details about the placed bet,  just click on any bet row and you get more information. 

Detailed statistics

In the grey panel to the top right above the list of logged bets, you see information about the number of total bets placed and unsettled bets. To see more detailed statistics about your performance, expand the panel clicking the arrow and check out your ROI, turnover and much more.

Profit graph

In the header of the Bet Tracker, you see your running profit graph and your estimated Expected value. By clicking the graph you can cycle different graphs and view your profit curve based on different intervals. 

Multi-currency support

  • Multiple currencies are fully supported. You can have EUR on one bookmaker, and GBP on another. The cumulative profit and all other stats will be calculated correctly.
  • The bookmaker default currency is modified under Options / Setup.
  • You also have a”base currency” that is used when displaying cumulative profits and statistics in the BetTracker. Change it under Options / User.
  • If you have accidentally logged bets with the wrong currency, this can be corrected. Just go to Go to Options / Setup, select your bookmaker and click Advanced. (Known limitation: We use today’s exchange rate, not the historic one).

Tool tips

There are many tooltips explaining more. Just click on a title or form to show a tooltip.

Keyboard shortcuts

When using ValueBetting web on desktop you can choose to use keyboard shortcuts if you want.  Press Shift and ? and you will see a list of available shortcuts hotkeys.

Keyboard shortcuts for value betting

Advanced tips for mobile usage

Split screen mode

If you use an Android phone you can use the split screen feature while betting. This will make the betting procedure easier as you don’t have to toggle between different web tabs.  

  1. Log in to ValueBetting web on mobile. Press and hold the app switcher button (square icon) in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will split the screen into two halves.
  2. In the bottom screen, start your web browser and log in to the bookmaker website.

Tab preview notice

When value betting on your mobile, you may want to switch between your bookmaker tabs and the value betting tab using the ‘tab preview mode’ on your phone (see image below). But please note that in this mode the information about the value bet may not be up to date due to Android and iOS limitations. 

Always go to the ValueBetting web tab directly, to double check that the bet information is still up to date, before placing the bet at the bookmaker. 

Good to know

Below is a list of known limitations in the web version. These things will be fixed, so no need to report. Also, more exciting features are to be added, so stay tuned for more updates.

  • When making changes in your Options settings, make sure to click the save button on every page or tab you visit.

  • When betting you will sometimes be taken directly to the event, while other times you will only be taken to the bookmakers main website. Some bookmakers offer a search function which we recommend you to use to locate the event on the bookmakers site.

  • There is currently no support to add a bet manually in the Bet Tracker. 

  • Betting exchanges such as Betfair, Matchbook, Betdaq and Smarkets are not yet available in this first web version.

Web browser support (mobile and desktop): Chrome v73, Safari v11, Firefox v66, Microsoft Edge v18, Opera v46
Mobile support: Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer (Chrome preferred), Google Pixel, Nexus 5 (Firefox), Nexus 6 (Chrome or Firefox), Any Android with Chrome v73, If you have an iPhone: iOS 10 or newer (iPhone 6+) with either Safari or Chrome, If you run OS X: Mavericks with Chrome or Safari with High Sierra, Windows Phone currently untested – let us know