This FAQ explains how to upgrade your account from Starter to Pro.

If you have a Starter subscription and want to upgrade to Pro, follow these steps:

  • Login to your account

  • Go to Options -> User

  • Click ‘Upgrade to Pro’ and follow the instructions

RebelBetting user account

Your Starter subscription will be upgraded to Pro and you’ll be charged the price difference between Starter and Pro. Your current renewal date will remain the same as you had before.

If the monetary value remaining on your Starter account is greater than the price of Pro, your existing days will be converted according to the price difference and you will not be charged anything until your upcoming Pro renewal date.

This is not yet automated, please follow the directions below if you want to upgrade to a longer Pro subscription:

  1. Cancel your current subscription, then
  2. Subscribe to any longer subscription of RebelBetting Pro.
  3. Contact us afterward and we’ll convert the days you had left on your Starter subscription to Pro.