June 2023

How to bet (and profit) with Betting Exchanges

2023-06-30T13:29:54+02:00June 30th 2023|

Learn how to bet with Betting Exchanegs such as Betfair, Matchbook and others. This video takes you through the betting process of placing profitable bets with Betting Exchanges.

How to best manage your betting bankroll

2023-06-27T14:32:42+02:00June 27th 2023|

Learn how to get the most out of your betting bankroll when value betting. Check out the video below for quick tips to maximise your profits: Try RebelBetting for free You get 14 free days of a limited version of RebelBetting. No strings attached and no credit card is needed. Just

The Best Side Hustle

2023-06-26T13:09:15+02:00June 26th 2023|

The smartest job takes the least amount of resources. Value betting and sure betting is a "job" that only requires 30-60 minutes of work per day (on average).

May 2023

Best UK bookmakers for sure betting

2023-08-21T15:54:18+02:00May 31st 2023|

Looking fot the best UK bookmakers for sure betting? Look no further. Check out the top 10 bookmakers you should use when sure betting in the UK. These are the absolute best ones you should utilize with RebelBetting!

Exclusive Pinnacle Offer

2023-06-15T10:33:00+02:00May 30th 2023|

Never miss out on a great offer! Every smart sports bettor should use this bookmaker - especially when sure betting. Read more to see how to take advantage of the Pinnacle-offer.