How do bookmakers make money?

How do bookmakers make money? ‘How do bookmakers make money’ is a fundamental question you’ve probably considered when gambling for any serious length of time, and it’s one many seasoned gamblers don’t know the answer to. You may have heard people claiming; ‘the bookies always win’, but why? Understanding this will give

2019-12-05T16:25:13+01:00December 5th 2019|

ValueBetting results after one year

One year has passed since ValueBetting was released. Thanks for your support throughout the year, outsmarting the bookmakers and making good money on sports. Check out ValueBetting community results here.

2019-10-25T12:53:57+02:00October 25th 2019|

Swedish release

We've now added a bunch of Swedish bookmakers. Among these are Svenska Spel, the biggest bookmaker in Sweden.

2019-10-01T13:49:28+02:00October 1st 2019|

10-year Anniversary

Ten years ago, the very first version of RebelBetting was released. From that moment on - and for over a decade now, smart sports bettors have been able to make...

2019-09-10T09:51:17+02:00September 4th 2019|

Different bet types and their meaning

There’s a vast range of bet types (markets) out there. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common bet types and what they mean.

2019-08-30T14:00:59+02:00August 28th 2019|