BetTracker available for all ValueBetting users

BetTracker now for all ValueBetting users The BetTracker is now integrated into both the ValueBetting web version and the software. No matter which version you are using, you can now log your bets with only one click. You don't have to use the Excel log book anymore. As a bonus, you now get

2019-07-05T14:31:30+02:00July 5th 2019|

Interview with Stefan – ValueBetting and RebelBetting user

He started out using RebelBetting software and made a nice profit of 250 Euro after using it for a few weeks. When he got limited by a few of the bookmakers he used, he moved on to ValueBetting instead. As of today, Stefan has now placed around 600 value bets and his current profit is around 1000 Euro. 

2019-05-17T16:33:10+02:00May 16th 2019|

ValueBetting web now live

ValueBetting web just launched! Sign up now and enjoy a discounted price and early access. Bet on the go, from anywhere in the world using the brand new web version of ValueBetting.

2019-06-19T15:06:10+02:00May 9th 2019|

ValueBetting on web and mobile

In just a few weeks you'll be able to try the first version of ValueBetting web - mobile friendly and platform independent! Enjoy betting on the go, from anywhere.

2019-04-15T14:15:45+02:00April 10th 2019|