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6 New bookmakers and Football Season Start

2023-11-22T08:34:02+01:00August 31st 2023|

The slower summer season is finally behind us and the top European Football leagues have started. We're kicking off by bringing even more value to the table - 6 new bookmakers.

Avoid selection bias in value betting

2023-08-30T12:13:07+02:00August 30th 2023|

Learn more about how to avoid selection bias in value betting. Selection bias in value betting means that we allow our personal preferences and familiar patterns to influence our betting choices. This is something you need to avoid - because emotion costs money. You should bet with your brain and not your heart.

How to maximise your sports betting profit

2023-08-16T12:22:08+02:00August 16th 2023|

Are you a betting pro? Or a beginner taking your very first baby steps toward profitable betting? No matter where you start - this video is for you.

Bookmaker verification process – KYC

2023-12-29T09:13:24+01:00August 11th 2023|

Bookmaker verification process - Everything you need to know about the "Know Your Customer" or KYC process . What is is and why is it needed?