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Value Betting – Help Section

Get help with learning the value betting system.

Video material

What is value betting?

Learn the basic concept of value betting and how you can profit from it.

Value betting vs sure betting

Learn the difference between value betting and sure betting (sports arbitrage).

How to place a value bet on a computer

Check out how easy it is to place a value bet.

How to place a value bet on your mobile

This video shows how easy it is to place a bet using ValueBetting.

How to get started with value betting

Learn which settings you need to configure first to start using ValueBetting.

How to avoid bookmaker limitations

Check out all our best tips to make your bookmaker accounts last as long as possible.

Poker vs value betting – Full comparison

See the full comparision comparing two forms of money-making strategies: value betting and playing poker.

Value betting results after 5 million bets

Check out the amazing results of 5 million placed +EV bets. The result is statistically significant– proving that value betting really works. 

Customer interviews

“ If you’re willing to use just one or two hours per day on betting, you can really make some big profits.”

Emil, Read more

“I am always open to new ways of making profit with as little risk possible”

“When value betting I beat approximately 90% of all closing odds”

Stefan, Read more

“I started only with 200 euro. After almost one month my profit is almost 450 euros.”

Ioannis, Read more

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FAQ: Value Betting

Value betting compared to sports arbitrage betting2023-03-20T14:24:01+01:00

Value betting compared to sports arbitrage betting

If you’re looking for a way to win on sports where you basically can’t lose, use the RebelBetting arbitrage betting software instead where you will win every time. This is the difference with arbitrage betting.

You cover all outcomes of a match and will be winning no matter the outcome of the match itself. Note that arbitrage betting is more time consuming though as you will need to place two or three bets on every match, compared to value betting where you only have to place on single bet which is much easier.

Both methods can be used to have a successful betting career though. Another alternative to win over the bookmakers is to do so called matched betting but the expected profits with matched betting are much lower than with RebelBetting’s value betting software.

Matched betting is also far more time consuming than using a value betting software as you will need to place two wagers for every matched bet at different bookmakers.

Is value betting risk-free?2023-03-20T14:25:01+01:00

Is value betting risk-free?

Value betting is not risk free. As you will only be placing a single bet on a match, you will not win every bet you place. But assuming all bets placed will be a value bet, with a positive expected value, you will be making money in the long run. Volume is key when value betting. By placing lots of value bets, you can expect higher profits.

Do value bets work?2023-03-20T14:46:22+01:00

Do value bets work?

Not only does value betting work, it works very well. However, it is important to see value betting as a way to get a long term win. If you place enough value bets, you will make a long term profit which is key to successful betting.

The more bets you place, the more money and higher profits will you make. The average return of investment (ROI) for value bettors using the value betting software from RebelBetting is over 30% profit per month. Finding value is what RebelBetting does which has made us a key player in this business since 2008. The value betting profits can be substantial and making money from betting makes a real difference in many value bettors lives!

How do you calculate a value bet and it’s true probability?2023-03-29T10:58:13+02:00

How do you calculate a value bet and it’s true probability?

The easiest way to explain how to find value bets is with the example of a coin toss. When tossing a coin there can only be two outcomes; heads or tails. We know that the probability of the coin toss to land on either heads or tails are 50% each. In decimal odds, this equals to an odds of 2.00 for either outcome.

This is called the “fair odds” and represents the true probability of an outcome to occur if the bookmaker wouldn’t add their profit margin, or “vig”. To calculate the likelihood of this happening in decimal odds we use this formula: Odds = 1/probability in decimals. In this example, the odds would be: 1/0.5= 2.00 which is the accurate odds of this specific outcome to happen.

A value bet

Now take the above coin toss example and imagine you were offered odds of 2.10 on heads at one bookmaker. Would you take that bet? Does it have an edge? Since you get better odds than the actual probability of the outcome to happen you should, of course, take the bet.

The odds of 2.10 is higher than what the underlying probability suggests, creating an edge – a value bet. The bigger the difference, the more profitable the value bet will be and the more advantage and profits you can expect against the bookies.

When you place a value bet in sports betting, the expected value is shown as a percentage number. How is this expected value calculated and how do you find value betting situations? Well, bookies don’t have a perfectly balanced betting market. Very often, betting odds that a bookmaker offer

The true odds

You might ask yourself how we know what the real probability, or the true odds, should be? Our value bets finder compare millions of odds, market moves and other bookmaker data against so called sharp bookmakers. A sharp bookmaker has deep knowledge about the sports betting market and has the “real odds” which lies very close to actual true probability (likelihood) of an outcome to occur.

These accurate odds, together with betting bias (which is weighted into the bookmaker profit margin) and market efficiency are used in the value betting software to finding odds with value in sports events. This together with the built in Kelly Criterion staking strategy, that for each value bet calculate the optimal bet size for maximum growth of your bankroll, makes the value betting software a winning way to turn gambling on sports betting into an investment.

Can you make money value betting in sports betting?2023-03-20T15:39:52+01:00

Can you make money value betting in sports betting?

If you stick to the strategy and trust the underlying math, you will win and make money with value betting in the long run. This is statistically proven. You will not win every bet you place with our value bets finder. But as you will be placing bets that has a higher probability to win then the odds imply, you will over time make money with RebelBetting’s value betting software.