You can use RebelBetting from any country. What you need to do is to make sure that the bookmakers you wish to use accept customers from your country. Here is a list of all currently supported bookmakers (more are added continuously).

Most popular bookies in your country

Check the most popular and commonly used bookmakers from your country. This list is automatically updated based on the real-life usage of RebelBetting customers.

Can I use bookmaker X?

Whether a bookmaker is available in your country or not depends on whether the bookmakers accept customers from your country. The specific laws regarding online betting in your country will impact which bookmakers you’re allowed to have an account with.

Sometimes, a bookmaker will have some vague business reason to restrict users from certain countries. But note that value betting, sure betting and matched betting in itself is perfectly legal worldwide, as long as online betting is allowed in your country. All you are doing is placing bets with different bookmakers whose odds happen to be in your favour.

Do you have a list of all bookmakers available in my country?

We don’t keep a list of allowed countries for all bookmakers as this is constantly changing. And since this information can be difficult to find, it might be quicker just to ask the bookmaker directly, or try to register. We do however have a list of the most popular and commonly used bookmakers from your country.

And remember, even if you’re from a country with local restrictions, there is hope! We have users from over 140 countries worldwide.

Other options to consider

One option to consider is to perhaps use a bet broker service. A bet broker acts as a middleman between you and the bookmaker in the process of placing bets. It gives you single-account access to multiple bookmakers at the same time and provides you with the best odds available on the market.

Another option is to use the account of a friend in another country, and a VPN to effectively surf from that country. Note that this might break the terms & conditions of some bookmakers, so you must make sure this is OK. Read more about how to improve your privacy.