Palpable Error

A bookmaker can cancel (void) your bet, claiming it was a palpable error (or a “palp”). This can occur when a bookmaker has made what they call “an obvious mistake”, such as reversed the odds of a match or some other kind of accidental error made while quoting the odds.

Our servers filter away a lot of obvious palps, and automatically hide them for you, but sometimes they get past our filtering system. These palps sometimes appear in RebelBetting, so you should learn how to discover them and not to bet on them.

Below is an example of a palpable error. Really obvious ones like these will be filtered away and never show in RebelBetting.

As you can see, Ladbrokes has accidentally flipped the odds of this hockey game. This particular “arb” will be marked as “low reliability” and a “Risk for palpable error” warning in the arb panel (not shown in this screen shot).

Palpable Error Example