Bookmaker bonuses explained

Free Bet, Matched Bet, Deposit Bonus, Signup Bonus

A free bet is for example if you get €25 to bet with at a bookmaker. If you place the full amount on a match with odds 1.5, you will win €37.50. But the bookmaker will only pay out your winnings (€12.50). This is a SNR (stake not returned) free bet. It’s also commonly called a “matched bet”, where the bookmaker doubles your bet amount up to a specific limit.

Since you will only get to keep the winnings in a free bet, you want to bet on a high odds that maximizes your potential profits. To guarantee a profit, you cover the other side using matched betting or arbitrage betting.

There are also SR (stake returned) free bets, but they are rare. Free bets are usually (but not always) only given to new customers.

If you receive a deposit or signup bonus for €25, and you place the full amount on the same match as above, you will win €37.50. You will in other words keep the full amount, as the €25 bonus is credited to you. Bonuses usually have roll over requirements, so you might have roll over (bet) x times the bonus before you can make a withdrawal. But the bonus amount of €25 is yours.
These bonuses can only be claimed when registering for the first time, if not specifically written in the terms. There are also reload bonuses, which can also be claimed by existing customers. These bonuses usually appear around big events such as the World Cup, a tennis Grand Slam etc.

Bonus Types

Bonus TypeStake returnedOnly for new usersAlso known as
Free bet SNRNoUsuallyMatched Bet
Free bet SRYesUsually
Signup bonusYesYes
Deposit bonusYesUsually
Reload bonusYesNo