Value betting compared to sports arbitrage betting

If you’re looking for a way to win on sports where you basically can’t lose, use the RebelBetting arbitrage betting software instead where you will win every time. This is the difference with arbitrage betting.

You cover all outcomes of a match and will be winning no matter the outcome of the match itself. Note that arbitrage betting is more time consuming though as you will need to place two or three bets on every match, compared to value betting where you only have to place on single bet which is much easier.

Both methods can be used to have a successful betting career though. Another alternative to win over the bookmakers is to do so called matched betting but the expected profits with matched betting are much lower than with RebelBetting’s value betting software.

Matched betting is also far more time consuming than using a value betting software as you will need to place two wagers for every matched bet at different bookmakers.