Our e-book, the Arbitrage Boot Camp (or the ABC), teaches everything you need to know to get started with sports arbitrage betting. There are two types of e-books. The Free Version and the Complete Version.

  • The Free Version covers the most basic aspects of Sports Arbitrage Trading and is completely free.
  • The Complete Version e-book is an information-packed, more advanced e-book where you will learn step by step how to start making money.

The Free Version

 The Free Version, contains the first things you must know about Sports Arbitrage. This e-book will help you get a deeper understanding about the business – for free!

The Free Version includes for example:

  • An introduction to Sports Arbitrage

  • What it is

  • How it works

  • Why isn’t everyone doing it?

  • The risks and how to avoid them

  • The next step to start making money

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The Complete Version

The Complete Version, the RebelBetting Arbitrage Boot Camp (or the ABC) has been heavily updated, and now contains almost double the information in the free book.

Topics in the e-book include for example:

  • Hands-on bookmaker information

  • The concept of paper trading

  • Different bet types (AH, EH, OU etc)

  • Cross Market arbitrages

  • Lay betting in Sports Arbitrage

  • Bankroll management

  • Convert bonuses to free money

  • Checklists for successful arbing

  • Advanced tips and tricks

The Complete Version of the e-book is only available to subscribers of RebelBetting and is delivered when you purchase at least one week. This means that you’ll get a full weeks access to RebelBetting Pro plus the Complete ABC for as low as 39 EUR!