Paper trading

If you are new to sports arbitrage you should first practise arbing without the use of real money. This is called paper trading and it’s a good way of learning the basics of the arbing process. Don’t dismiss the importance of paper trading – it gives you valuable knowledge about the whole betting procedure.

When paper trading you will be making the same steps as you would be if you were betting for real, except confirming your bet.

How to paper trade:

  1. Start RebelBetting, select an arb in the list and find the match at each bookmaker. If you don’t have a RebelBetting user yet, download Rebelbetting and register.
  2. Verify that the odds haven’t changed.
  3. Add them to the betslip.
  4. Enter your stakes.
  5. Verify that the information is correct. Doublecheck participants, date and time, name of event.
  6. Mentally place your arb.
  7. Practice logging your fictional bets in your ArbBook (It’s free to download).

By practising paper trading you’ll soon get to know the differences in how each bookmaker behaves and you’ll get fast at catching arbs.

What’s next?

There’s a lot to learn in the beginning but there’s no need to rush. In time, your confidence in arbing will grow. Download our free e-book and get more valuable tips on how to become a successful arbitrage trader. Also, don’t hesitate to sign up for Arbitrage Training, an online education course specifically aimed at RebelBetting users. 

When you are ready to make real money from arbing we recommend starting with the trial week subscription to get unlimited access to all arbs. This is a great way to try the full version of RebelBetting for a low cost.