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RebelBetting Quick Start

RebelBetting software

Placing your first arbitrage bet

  1. Pick an arbitrage in the list and press the Bet button: new
  2. The AutoSurf technology often automatically logs you in to your bookmaker account, finds the correct match and highlights the odds. Enter your credentials under Options / Bookmaker Setup.
  3. You verify the arb, enter your stakes and place the bets.

This short video explains the basic betting process:


Arbitrage training course

If you want to get started as quickly and efficiently as possible you should take part in an Arbitrage training course. It’s specifically aimed at RebelBetting users and includes step-by-step video lessons, text material and questionnaires to make sure you have understood each lesson.

To get more familiar with the software, please refer to the manual below.

If you need more support, get the e-book or get answers to frequently asked questions, go to our support page.

Sure Betting Manual


The main window

In this view, you will see simple arb data such as arbitrage percentage, participants, oddstype, bookmakers and odds. 


The top menu

new Opens up the Betting Browser and finds the bets for you
new Opens the Options window
new Shows/hides the calculator in the Arb Details panel

Quick filters

We have placed some of the more common filters directly in the main window toolbar. Changing the minimum arb percentage can now be done quickly. You can also select one specific bookmaker to be required, which is very useful when hunting for bonuses. You can also change the minimum odds required. If you want to have multiple required bookmakers, you can make these changes under Options/Bookmakers.

The arb list

Every arb-row in RebelBetting is expandable. By clicking on the “+” (next to the arb percentage) you’ll see the odds on other bookmakers for that match. The best odds will be selected by default (depending on any specific filters you might have set).

It is in this view where you decide which arbs to bet on, depending on the arb percentage, which bookmakers that are involved in the arb etcetera. As you can see, all arbs are expandable. This is a great feature to get to see the other bookmakers odds on the same match.

Some details of the selected arb above:

  • It is a 4.8% arb
  • The participants are T Alves vs A Begemann
  • It is a MoneyLine (ML) arb. This means that it is a 2-way arb (only two outcomes in the match).
  • The selected bookmakers are Nordicbet and Centrebet.
  • Panbet is not active in your bookmaker list (under Options), that’s why this bookmaker is greyed out.
  • If you would select Marathonbet instead of Centrebet as the second bet, the selected arbitrage would be 3.6% instead of 4.8%.


As you can see, the arb has a new symbol to the left of the arb percentage. These icons are shown in the main list to easily see which arbs are new and which have been improved or decreased. (You can of course configure this setting in the Options window)

new New arbs
new Improved arbs
new Decreased arbs

Hide odds, arb or match

You can hide a specific odds, specific arb or the entire match if you want. This is useful if you have for instance placed an arb on the match and do not wish to see the arb again. Just right click on the odds you wish to hide.


  • Selected arbitrage – Hides that arbitrage alone
  • All arbitrages for selected match – Hides all arbitrages of that specific match
  • All arbitrages with selected odds – Hides that bookmakers specific odds for that specific match


The Arb Details panel

When you double click on an arb row, you will open the Arb Details panel to the left. Here you can see more details about the arb you have selected such as how long the arb has existed, last bet date, event, sport, reliability and other notices. The Arb Details panel can also show an arb calculator at the bottom.

Most texts and controls display more information if you hold the pointer above them briefly.

Above is a detailed view of an arb between Olympiacos vs Panathinaikos.

  • The arb is 3.66%
  • The arb was first found 2 hours and 56 minutes ago (arb age explained)
  • Last chance to bet on the match is tomorrow 20:00
  • On WilliamHill you should place your bet on Olympiacos to win at the odds of 1.53, the bet type is Moneyline
  • On Marathonbet you should place your bet on Panathinaikos to win at odds of 3.20, the bet type is Moneyline
  • The sport is basketball, in the Euroleague
  • The bet type is a Moneyline (also known as Win) bet which is a 2-way bet with no draw option. Learn more about different bet types
  • There are no known warnings in this arb


The calculator

With the calculator, you can calculate your profit of an arb without having to open up the Betting Browser. You can change for instance the stake of the arb, and it will be automatically transferred to the Betting Browser, once you choose to bet on the arb. You can also round your stakes to your choosing, and/or maximize the profit towards a certain outcome.


The Betting Browser

By clicking new on any selected arbitrage, the Betting Browser will open. This unique feature of RebelBetting will automatically log you in to the bookmakers and find and select the bets you need to place to create an arbitrage opportunity. This saves valuable time and lets you bet on a lot more arbs before they disappear. The integrated calculator suggests the stakes you should place depending on the odds of the different bets in the arb, and also on your default total stake (defined by you under Options/User). If you change any number in the calculator, the other numbers will automatically change to the correct amount. You never have to do any calculations yourself!


The Betting Browser can be divided into two main sections. The Betting Windows (to the right) and the Arb Info panel (to the left).

The Arb Info panel

The Arb Info panel contains more detailed information of the bets you are about to place in the arb.

Some details of this particular bet:

  • The team you should bet on is Södertälje Kings
  • The sport is basketball and the event is EuroChallenge
  • Last bet date is today 19:00 (in 6 hours)
  • The bookmaker is Marathonbet
  • The market you should bet on is Asian Handicap (-2)
  • The odds on Södertälje is 1.94 (or 15/16 or -106 depending on what type of odds you have set to display)
  • You are suggested to bet 300 with your current total bet size
  • The arb is 1.98% in average, and should this specific outcome be the winner in the arb, you’ll make a profit of 1.98% which in this case would be 11.30 USD
  • The odds have not changed at the bookmaker as you can see in the Log Window, “Odds still 1.94
  • Clicking on new will restart the AutoSurf for this bet
  • Clicking on new will expand this Bet Window to full size (can also be done with F1-F4 buttons on your keyboard)


AutoSurf problems

If the AutoLogin and AutoSurf doesn’t work as expected, you can retry the entire process by clicking the [A] button. You can also retry browsing to the correct event or team by clicking on their respective names in the arb info panel.

Sometimes clearing cookies resolves certain AutoSurf problems. Just right click in the web browser window and select “Clear cookies on this domain”.

Sometimes however, AutoSurf is not possible due to technical limitations at the bookmaker website. You will then need to login and find the match manually.

Open page in your web browser

Sometimes it’s useful to open the page in your normal web browser. Just right click in the web browser window and select “View in the system browser”.

Expand the Bet Windows

If there isn’t enough room to view the bet, you can maximize a specific Bet Window. This is done by pressing the F1, F2 and F3 keys on your keyboard. F4 restores the view to normal mode.

  • F1 maximizes the Bet 1 window
  • F2 maximizes the Bet 2 window
  • F3 maximizes the Bet 3 window (in an arb with three bets)
  • F4 restores the view to normal mode (all bet windows visible)



You have a lot of options to set in the software so you can fully customize the alerts for your personal needs.


Here you can set filters for arb percentages, hide arbs with matches that starts to far ahead, choose to show mixed rules arbitrages etcetera.


This is were you choose which bookmakers to have active.


Here you can select what markets you wish to show arbs from. We recommend that all markets and sports are selected so you don’t miss out on any good opportunities.


Customize your personal alerts so that you never miss a good arb opportunity again!


Bookmaker Setup

This is were you specify your bookmaker login credentials. By entering this info, you will have access to our unique AutoSurf feature where the software will automatically log you in to the bookmaker, find the correct sport, league and market, and the participant and odds highlighted for faster access to the arbitrage. Betfair is selected in the screenshot below.


Your RebelBetting account info