How much money can I make by value betting?

Monthly ROI (investment growth) for value betting is over 30% and there is a proven yield of over 3% (profit per bet).

Can you make money value betting?

If you stick to the strategy and trust the underlying math, you will make money in the long run. This is statistically proven. You will not get a profit on every bet. But as you will be placing bets that has a higher probability to win then the odds imply, you will over time make money value betting.

Play around with the value betting profit calculator and see for yourself.

  • Initial investment in €
    Number of value bets placed per day
    Betting days per month
    Estimated hourly profit
    Monthly ROI

    Your total profit per month

Calculations are based on actual statistics from our users since 2019.

Double your money in 3 months

Sound too good to be true? That’s actually the average result of our members. Below you can see updated results from our users.

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    Profit Guarantee

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