E-Book Explains How to Win Every Time

There is a way to bet on sports and profit no matter the outcome of the game. There is a method that effectively turns sports betting into a way of…

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12 October 2009

Nominated for Best Young Company!

ClaroBet, the company behind RebelBetting has been nominated for Best Young Company 2009 at Ume├ąGalan. The winner is announced November 12. The odds of ClaroBet winning are currently set to…

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24 September 2009

RebelBettors in 62 countries

We’re happy to see that people from 62 countries have downloaded RebelBetting and tried sports arbitrage this far. We have paying (pro) customers in 18 countries. There are RebelBettors in…

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7 September 2009

Try sports arbitrage for free

RebelBetting 1.1 was just released, introducing a completely Free Mode. This means you can try arbitrage betting for as long as you want without paying anything! The Free Mode will…

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14 August 2009

RebelBetting 1.0 Released!

A lot has happened since the last post. We released version 0.8 in June, and today is the big launch day of version 1.0! The three months of open beta…

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24 July 2009