Nominated for Best Young Company!

ClaroBet, the company behind RebelBetting has been nominated for Best Young Company 2009 at UmeåGalan. The winner is announced November 12. The odds of ClaroBet winning are currently set to 5.50. No arbitrage situation could be found on this event.

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RebelBettors in 62 countries

We're happy to see that people from 62 countries have downloaded RebelBetting and tried sports arbitrage this far. We have paying (pro) customers in 18 countries. There are RebelBettors in all continents of the earth, except Antarctica. Needless to say, we have now put everything else aside and are working full-time to get our first

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Try sports arbitrage for free

RebelBetting 1.1 was just released, introducing a completely Free Mode. This means you can try arbitrage betting for as long as you want without paying anything! The Free Mode will show arbs up to 0.6% and is otherwise identical to the Full version. There is no catch and no other limitations. This is a great

2017-10-30T13:10:09+02:00August 14th, 2009|

RebelBetting 1.0 Released!

A lot has happened since the last post. We released version 0.8 in June, and today is the big launch day of version 1.0! The three months of open beta proved invaluable, and we've made several improvements based on your feedback. The biggest changes since 0.7: New Bookmaker: BetCris New Bookmaker: Interwetten New Bookmaker: Intertops

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RebelBetting 0.7 and future plans

RebelBetting 0.7 released Earlier today we released a new version of RebelBetting (full changelog). We've added a new Asian bookie (SBO) and done a lot of minor improvements, but the biggest changes are behind the scenes. We've partnered up with Rackspace and are now running part of our applications in their Cloud, which means huge

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