Today we launch ValueBetting Pro, our largest release so far. You can now choose between two ValueBetting plans. Select the one best tailored for your needs.

ValueBetting Pro

ValueBetting Pro is perfect for you that want to maximize your profits. You will receive double the number of value bets (thanks to a new sharp bookmaker added as a source of truth). You will also receive value bets from sharp bookmakers, exchanges and brokers. Experienced traders will enjoy these bookmakers that won’t limit you, and allow huge bets.

ValueBetting Starter

ValueBetting Starter is great when starting out or if you have a smaller bankroll. This is the version of ValueBetting you’re used to until now.

Both plans include the features that have let our members reach a 30% monthly ROI: Thousands of value bets every day, logging of bets in the BetTracker, advanced filters and of course automatic bet settlement. 

You can double your money in 3 months. That’s the average result of our members. Monthly ROI (investment growth) is over 30% and there is a proven yield of over 3% (profit per bet). See up-to-date results from our value betting users.

The average number of value bets in total actually more than tripled. The exact increase with your bookmakers and leagues might differ, and will fluctuate over time. But during our beta testing period, the number of value bets roughly doubled for all users.

  ValueBetting Starter ValueBetting Pro
  Great when starting out Double the number of value bets
Value bet percentage Up to 7% Unlimited
Logging of bets with the BetTracker
Automatic bet settlement
80+ bookmakers
Betting exchanges
Sharp bookmakers and brokers
Custom filters 2 4

More features in the latest release:

  • Full support for Tax per bookmaker

  • Show up to 20 value bets in the bet list at the same time

  • Match start shown in the BetTracker

  • Full support for commission per bookmaker (Pro only)

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