Maintenance Hour Wednesdays

Notice: Wednesdays at 13.00 CET RebelBetting will be down for maintenance. Usually just a few minutes, never more than an hour. This is so we can apply the latest security patches and upgrade our servers and deliver a more secure and stable service.

2017-10-27T15:51:50+02:00July 28th, 2010|

Money Management with Excel

Those successful in sports arbitrage always keep good track of their investments and their bank roll. It's also important to have a good money management strategy to maximize your profits. Our team member Björn has created a very good Excel spreadsheet that lets you keep track of your bets, your profits, how much money you

2017-10-27T15:52:11+02:00June 22nd, 2010|

Place your bets within seconds

RebelBetting 3.0 has just been released This might be the most significant release since the launch last year. We have rebuilt the AutoSurf almost from scratch, and ripped out the slow and unreliable Internet Explorer that has been the "engine" of our betting browser. Mozilla Firefox is the new engine. This means dramatic improvements in

2017-10-27T15:52:47+02:00June 8th, 2010|

Cross Market Arbitrages in version 2.5

We are proud to inform you that we have released a new version of RebelBetting with Cross Market Support! Not only can you now bet on regular arbs like 1X2, OU, AH - you can now bet on arbs that mix these markets for you! This significantly boosts the number of arbs available, and often

2017-10-30T08:32:14+02:00March 29th, 2010|

RebelBetting 2.0 released

Version 2.0 of RebelBetting has just been released. Instead of just showing a list of arbs, we now present all odds from all bookies for that particular game. This is very valuable when you need to see next best arb, and will make it much easier to spot a possible palp/void (watch out for odds

2017-10-27T15:53:16+02:00February 2nd, 2010|