Easter Egg from RebelBetting!

The whole team is busy working on RebelBetting 4.0, a major version with a huge increase in the number of arbs, new bookmakers, sports, and lots of smaller new features that has been requested by our subscribers. We might have time to release a smaller version before the jump to 4.0, but until then here's

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A couple of tips from RebelBetting

BETDAQ 2.5% commission until March 31! Did you know that you can get a 50% discount (2.5% commission) on BETDAQ?! They are currently offering 2.5% commission on all new accounts until March 31 (standard is 5%). By having a lower commission percentage, you will be able to bet on more arbs with BETDAQ, and you

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Bet365 added! Save 109 EUR!

Bet365 is our most requested bookmaker by far. Their odds move slowly which means a lot of arbs. While they limit quite fast, they have good bonus offers. Worth mentioning is how great the AutoSurf works for Bet365. It takes about one second and you end up with the correct odds added to your bet

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Free week of RebelBetting!

RebelBetting likes the Holiday season. The season when we give gifts and take money from the bookmakers. Three weeks, three incredible offers, one each week. Sorry, this promotion has ended! Read the details here

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Why Ladbrokes called us Criminals on TV

Not long ago, the CEO of one of the worlds largest bookmakers called us criminals on prime time national TV. That’s when we knew we had a good product. Our supposed crime was to launch our software product RebelBetting. It’s a tool that lets you bet on sports and make a profit no matter the

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