Why Ladbrokes called us Criminals on TV

Not long ago, the CEO of one of the worlds largest bookmakers called us criminals on prime time national TV. That’s when we knew we had a good product. Our supposed crime was to launch our software product RebelBetting. It’s a tool that lets you bet on sports and make a profit no matter the

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Bet24 added

Today we've added support for yet another bookmaker, Bet24. This is the third bookmaker we've added in only one week! Bet24 is a Scandinavian bookmaker that is very reliable. With their slow moving odds, Bet24 will produce loads of arbs. Sign up today and get a new account bonus of 50% up to £30.

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Betdaq and BetJamaica added

Today we've released yet another version of RebelBetting (the fourth update this month), giving you two new bookmakers! Betdaq is a betting exchange, similar to Betfair. It delivers a lot of new arb opportunities, and the best part with an exchange is you will never be limited. It's a must-have bookie. Sign up with Betdaq

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Brand New Sports Arbitrage E-Book!

Our e-book about sports arbitrage, the RebelBetting Arbitrage Boot Camp (or the ABC) has been heavily updated, and now contains almost double the amount of information. New topics in the e-book include for example: How to convert bonuses into cash instantly Paper Trading European Handicaps Cross Markets Lay betting Checklists for successful arbing Advanced Tips

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The Profitability of Middles

As you might know, a middle is a potentially very profitable situation where you stand the chance of winning both your bets. When the match ends and the score "hits the middle", it's not uncommon to make a 50% profit. Sometimes, a 100% profit is possible! RebelBetting 3.3 introduces negative middles Betting on a 0%

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