Value betting and sure betting (sports arbitrage betting) are both great ways to earn money on sports betting. When subscribing to RebelBetting you will get access to both investment methods. Check out the video below to learn how value betting compares to sports arbitrage.

What is value betting?

Value betting is the easiest way to make money on sports. You only need a small number of bookmaker accounts and you don’t need a big bankroll when starting out. Value betting is perfect for you who can handle risk and variance and want an easy way to make money. Read more about value betting.

  • The easiest way to make money on sports, with high profits over time.

  • You bet on a single odds on one outcome of the match.

  • Value betting is not risk-free. You must be prepared for downswings and sometimes you will lose several bets in a row. But since the bets have a positive expected value, you will always make a long-term profit.

  • Requires only one bookmaker account, but 3-4 is recommended when starting out.

  • Minimum initial investment when starting is around 500 EUR.

A value betting's customer profit

What is sure betting?

Sure betting (sports arbitrage betting) gives you a steady and substantial profit every month with almost no risk if you place the bets correctly. It requires some time to learn the basics and takes a little more effort compared to value betting. Read more about sure betting.

  • An investment method where you get a steady and substantial profit every month.

  • You cover all the outcomes of a match, by placing two or three bets on the same match but with different bookmakers. This means you win every time no matter the result of the match.

  • There is very little or no risk involved.

  • Requires a minimum of 6-8 bookmaker accounts when starting out.

  • Minimum initial investment when starting is around 1,000 EUR

One of our sure betting customers' profit graph

How much money can you make?

Now to the big question: How much money can I make with the respective method?

This is a somewhat tricky question to answer, as the profit you will make stand in direct proportion to the size of your invested capital, how much time you spend, and how many bets you place. You can see real customer results in our community. RebelBettors frequently post about their results.

To get a hunch on how much you can earn, check out our interactive calculators; the value betting profit calculator, and the sure betting profit calculator to get an estimate on how much money you can make by using value betting or sure betting.

In the below video sports bettor Mikael shows his impressive profit results when he uses RebelBetting to make money on sports.

You don’t have to choose

You do not have to choose an investment method now. When you sign up for RebelBetting you will get access to both value betting and sure betting.  Go ahead and subscribe and see which method suits you best.

Did you know you can also mix both investment methods? Read this article about how to best combine both sure betting and value betting to learn more.

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