If you’re looking for a Trademate Sports alternative, RebelBetting is the product for you.

RebelBetting is more profitable

During 2022 (Jan-Oct) value betting using RebelBetting showed an average yield of 3.6%, with some customers earning more than €4000 per month. This compares to an average of 2.52% with Trademate Sports. Since yield shows your average profit per bet, this converts to a huge difference in ROI and total profit. You can see live member statistics here.

You’ll also be paying substantially less per month when using RebelBetting instead of Trademate. For a full list of features comparisons, read on.

Comparison of RebelBetting and Trademate Sports

Feature RebelBetting Trademate sports
Value bets and sure bets included ✔️
Average yield (profit per Euro invested) 3.60% 2.52%
Bet tracker ✔️ ✔️
Automatic bet settlement ✔️ ✔️
Notifications ✔️ ✔️
Multiple sources of truth ✔️
Exchanges ✔️ Cost €400/month
Member Community ✔️
Price €99-219 per month (or save 30% on a yearly subscription) €100-400 per month, €30 Scandinavian package

Independent reviewer Mike Cruickshank, founder of several betting systems:

Comments on RebelBetting:

‘With RebelBetting, it takes just a few seconds to place a bet. They analyse tons of odds from 90 bookies constantly. So there is never a shortage of options to choose from. The company has been around since 2008. So, it is a pretty well-established business. This is definitely a point in its favour. The interface is pretty good and there are lots of bets identified.’

Comments on Trademate Sports: 

‘It can’t be denied that this is an expensive service. The regular fees that it involves are only going to be worth paying if you start winning a lot of money. If not, you probably won’t be able to justify the expense it involves. This is the idea, of course. You are paying in order to earn more than you spend. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen. If you have a bad month then you could be facing a big overall loss including the service fee.’

Try RebelBetting today

If time and money are the most valuable aspects of your value betting endeavor then RebelBetting is undoubtedly the number one alternative to Tradesmate Sports and the product you should use to make money on sports.  Sign up and make your first profit today!

RebelBetting Pro

199/ month
  • Value bets & sure bets
  • Maximize your profit
  • The most profitable bets
  • Access non-limiting bookies

RebelBetting Starter

99/ month
  • Value bets & sure bets
  • Great when starting out
  • ROI over 30% / month

Yes. You can cancel your future payment at any time, while still continue using the service until the expiration date.

You are always covered by our Profit Guarantee. If you don’t make a profit the first month, you get another month for free – again and again until you profit!