Here are some thoughts and insight from one of our value betting customers – Ioannis, from Greece. His running result can be seen in the profit graph above.

Are you a beginner with value betting or have you done it before?
I am a beginner.

How many bets have you placed so far?
Almost 2000.

For how long time have you used the software?
1,5 month.

How many and which bookmakers do you use?
Unfortunately, I live in Greece where only a few online bookmakers are available. I have ended up with Bet365 and Stoiximan right now. Bwin and Sportingbet have limited my account to 1 euro betting. Novibet also the same. Some of the other bookmakers have already limited my account, back when I used RebelBetting sure bet software. 

What Kelly percentage do you use?
I realized that the best strategy that works for me is, value bets over 2,5% and under 10%, Kelly stake sizing 50% and max stake 2%, odds above 1,20 and below 2,11 (that helps me a lot to avoid big variance and reduces big downswings). 

Do you bet on value bets long before match start? What strategy do you use when it comes to this?
I have not a specific strategy.

What was your starting bankroll, and how much is your current profit?
I wanted to test ValueBetting for a month so I started only with 200 euro. After almost one month my profit is almost 450 euros.

If you were to recommend valueBetting to your best friend, what would you say?
That it works. Just do it!!!

What problems were you hoping to solve when you purchased ValueBetting?
Just to earn some extra money!

What specific feature do you like most about this product?
That is so easy to use. You just need to press a couple of buttons.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Some of the Autologins are not working (because I use Greek language). I would like this to be fixed!

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