“The results are impressive”

2020-12-16T16:05:22+01:00December 16th 2020|

I have managed to reach 1000 bets after only 11 days since I started. The result I have to say are impressive so far and I am looking forward to continuing.

“100% ROI is easily done…”

2020-12-16T16:01:10+01:00December 16th 2020|

Doing at least 30 bets per day, 100% ROI is easily done… or I am the luckiest guy around. I think I've got that after 1,5 months. They usually say 3 months - but you can get that earlier.

“Good commission rates and fast payouts”

2020-11-18T08:53:17+01:00November 18th 2020|

The RebelBetting affiliate program is outstanding. Good commission rates, fast payouts and a detailed affiliate interface where you can monitor your clicks and conversions. Their team has been quick to respond to my queries and otherwise great to deal with! I highly recommend the RebelBetting affiliate program.

“It’s encouraging to see my EV and profit in such sync”

2020-12-16T15:54:38+01:00November 10th 2020|

I'm really very impressed with the service so far, everything seems to be working well and it’s really encouraging to see my EV and profit in such sync after around 650 bets. I'm pleased with the service overall for the couple of weeks I’ve been using it.