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Win money with sports betting

What is value betting? Let’s say the chances of the Suns beating the Celtics are 2.5 (+105). This means the probability of them beating the Celtics is 40%. However, if the actual chances of the Suns winning are 45%, the “true odds” are 2.22 (+122). If you consistently bet on these “value odds” of 2.5, you will make a significant profit over time.

So how do you find these true odds?

By analyzing the select few bookmakers that constantly, over millions of bets, make extremely accurate predictions. These “sharp” bookmakers automatically adjust their odds when expert traders place big bets, resulting in odds that almost perfectly reflect the actual probability of an outcome.

Our servers gather and analyze over one million odds every 60 seconds, from both sharp and regular “soft” bookmakers. This means we know not only the true odds, but also when soft bookmakers odds are off – creating a positive expected value. A value bet.

Taking betting bias and market efficiency into account, we calculate and deliver the resulting value bets with the highest expected value to you.

You get access to thousands of value bets at any given moment, 24/7.

The results speak for themselves.

Since 2019, our members have placed 5.1 million value bets and made 3.6 million euros in profit.

  • Profit from your Fantasy Sports knowledge

  • Turn sports betting into a proven investment

  • ROI (investment growth) 32% / month

  • Average yield (ROI per bet) 3%

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports betting takes regular sports betting and turns it on its head. This time around, you’re not betting on how a sports match plays out in the real world. What you’re doing is creating a team of players from different real-world teams and betting on how they perform. Fantasy sports betting is getting more and more popular, but there is still a big way to go to reach the heights of regular sports betting.

As a fantasy player you are expected to do the perfect research of all teams and players in a league in order to optimize your team for the given budget. You need to be online at the submission deadline in order to incorporate all last-minute lineup news into your team. And finally, at the end of the day, even if you have submitted the perfect team, something stupid might happen and throw you at the back of the ranking, or all the players might have submitted the same team, which all too often leads to you just losing the entry fee.

But as it turns out, you can turn sports betting into a lucrative endeavour. With the use of RebelBetting smart betting tools, you can start getting consistent wins as you place your bets. Let us lay down the facts about sure betting and value betting as proven investment methods and see for yourself how we compare against the fantasy football opportunities you are familiar with.

An easy way to make money with sports betting

If you’re a fan of fantasy sports betting – then we suggest that you try regular sports betting where you have the edge: sure betting and value betting. Our service covers the major sportsbooks and you will have all the information you need to place your bets. 

A day in the life of a fantasy sports player

But first, let’s dive into the pros and cons of Fantasy sports betting. Unlike placing a regular bet, fixing your team for a weekly fantasy challenge requires at least a minimum amount of research about the expected lineups of all the playing teams, the expected points each player would provide to your team as well as how those points measure up against the player’s price. Building the optimal fantasy team is a challenging task in optimization, best suited to the analytically minded player who is ready to put in the necessary research work.

Of course, it is all a means to an end: the ones who built the best team can realize a healthy profit on their investment stake. Isn’t it what we are all looking for, regardless of whether we enter a weekly fantasy challenge or place a regular sports bet? But what does it take for you, a fantasy football player, to get to the place where your efforts in building up the perfect team are actually worth it?

Evaluating players: best value for the money

To build the perfect team, first of all, you clearly need to know which players are offering the best value for the money. Only selecting those players will allow you to gain the maximum amount of points within your restraint budget.

To do that, you would need to carefully evaluate every single player and his relevant features such as his price, the expected points he will grant you for scoring goals, providing assists or keeping a clean sheet. Of course, it doesn’t stop there – the chances for your player to get booked must also be accounted for, as well as, according to the platform you are playing in, the amount of fouls, passes, critical chances created and more. Estimating all those numbers for all the players in a league is a gargantuan task in data mining and analytics, but it is what you need to do to be up there with the best. Speaking of the best…

The competition: no first among equals

In order to top a fantasy challenge, your team doesn’t only need to be good – it also needs to be better than the competition. Let’s look at a fantasy challenge as an exam – on game day all players need to take the test. The well prepared ones have done their homework, have run the numbers and found out and submitted the optimal team. After the deadline has passed everyone reveals their answers and as it all too often happens in a fantasy league, the best students all have the same answers!

However, here is the point where a fantasy challenge differs in the test. If all (or the majority) of the students in a test submit perfect answers, they will all get an A and celebrate their perfect score together. Not so in a fantasy league – if everyone submits the perfect lineup, as a result everyone shares the prize pool minus the entry fees equally – resulting in everyone losing their entry fee! It is clearly disappointing to do a good job and receive no payoff for it, but it is something an experienced fantasy player knows all too well.

Monitoring lineups

If your competitors have done their homework as well as you, there is still a way to gain an edge in front of them – by being up to date on the lineups! If you are aware of all the information about who will be making the starting eleven and who has the highest chances of being substituted, maybe you can optimize your team even further and finally get slightly ahead of the competition.

This requires you to invest even more time in research, but here you are even more restricted than when researching expected goals, assists and the like.

The reason: with lineups new information can come at any time and you need to be up to date. Therefore, you should always be available shortly before the submission deadline, in order to be able to incorporate all the latest lineup information into your team. Now you not only have this huge amount of work awaiting you in order to build the perfect team, you also need to be available at the given time the challenge starts.

Volatile returns

Finally, let us assume you made the perfect preparation – you have calculated the expected points of all the players perfectly, you have been online shortly before the submission deadline and incorporated all the lineup news into your team.

And yet, as it is in sports, unexpected things do happen. The most unlikely player might score a goal and in that way rank other players with worse teams than yours ahead of you. In the short term, this can ruin your financial results. Fantasy football is a winner-takes-it-all environment and for this reason, the investment return from it is often way more volatile than we would like it to be. And, sadly, there is no hedge for this risk.

A better way to profit on sports

What if you could just place profitable bets, with stable and a verifiable edge, which deliver you a reliable return on investment time and time again? What if you need to do zero work in order to find those bets and those get delivered straight to you instead? Well – this is possible using RebelBetting smart betting tools. Read below to find out how.

Value betting

Sports events have odds on loads of particular match outcomes. These odds are automatically set by bookies, with hundreds of thousands of updates in a short span of time. Needless to say, the sheer number of calculations that sportsbooks need to do to get ahead means that opportunities will arise. If you’re always one step ahead of the bookies, then it will pay off.

We have created a system that automatically tracks all the major online sportsbooks around the world. This means that we make thousands of calculations in real-time as to the quality of odds. As mentioned before, bookies do tend to make mistakes every once in a while, and they feature overinflated odds on certain sports betting outcomes.

This is how you will benefit from our value betting system by raking in small, but consistent profits. By taking advantage of bets that have a positive value, you’ll make a profit in the long run.

Value betting is a strategy, whereby a mathematical algorithm identifies betting value based on observed market movements. We have implemented the logic to identify such betting value in our service and have been offering our value betting tool to our customers for many years already – to some very satisfying results.

Proven and consistent profits

The value betting strategy is well-known among betting professionals. It has stood the test of time and has delivered pretty predictable returns for all our customers. Just looking at the summary graphs for all the bets delivered from our service tells you the story:

The numbers speak for themselves. Using RebelBetting value betting system you will benefit from a proven 3% yield per bet on average. Moreover, the monthly ROI (investment growth) is at an average of 30%. This is all the result of low effort bet placement of picks discovered by the value betting service and delivered directly to you.

Clearly, it is important how much money you can turn over with our value betting tool. While it all depends on the number and type of bookmakers you have at your disposal, in most countries you would have enough sportsbooks to be able to place a double-digit amount of bets and at some places even more – guaranteeing you would be able to, at least initially, turn over a moderately-sized bank on any given week.

But what about the volatility?

The return graph from the value betting strategy is clearly not a straight line and while the upward trend is obvious, the volatility of the betting returns is also apparent. As a fantasy player, you know the drawbacks of return volatility all too well and while the volatility in a value betting strategy is lower when compared to fantasy, it is still there and remains an issue.

However, you do know that volatility in fantasy returns is not diversifiable. You could enter a fantasy challenge with more than one team, however, with every additional team you stray further away from the optimal lineup, making diversification expensive and ultimately not worth it. Not so with value betting.

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Sure betting

If you prefer the comfort and peace of mind that predictable returns can give to you, sure betting is the right strategy for you. Sure betting is nothing but value betting with a twist – for every value bet that our software identifies, we identify a second contrary bet in another bookmaker, where you can hedge the first bet for a small sure profit.

Sure betting by RebelBetting

What does the return of a betting strategy using our sure betting tool look like?

A profit graph of one of our sure betting customers

As you see, this time we do have a straight line. All the volatility has gone away. Of course, this comes at a price – the expected return on turnover from our sure betting tool is lower than the one of our value betting tools on average.

The reason for this is that the hedging bet is often not a value bet and therefore has no positive ROI in itself. However, it offers you the opportunity to take a lot of risk away at a price, small enough to still leave you with a healthy profit at the end of the day.

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What’s next?

Given the above, we do believe that value betting and sure betting are superior strategies to fantasy football in financial terms and we feel confident to offer you our value betting and sure betting tools as an alternative to make use of that fact. You can put all the hard work required to build the perfect lineup behind, lean back and enjoy the steady flow of profitable bets seamlessly delivered to you by RebelBetting.

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