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What is RebelBetting?

RebelBetting offers sports betting tools that help you turn sports betting into an investment. By using RebelBetting you can turn the bookmakers’ own odds against themselves, finding profitable bet situations where you have the edge.

How? By taking advantage of value betting and sure betting.

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Turn sports betting into investing with RebelBetting

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Outsmart the bookmakers

There are two different methods to outsmart the bookmakers. Value betting and sure betting. When you subscribe you will get access to both.

Value betting

You will be placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by the bookmaker’s odds. Using value betting as an investment is perfect if you can handle variance and want an easy way to make money from sports betting. Learn more about value betting.

Value betting profit chart - RebelBetting

Community member emilovich’s value betting profit – over €14,000 profit.

Sure betting

Steady profit every month with no or very little risk. When sure betting you cover all outcomes in a match and make a profit no matter the result or match winner. It requires some time to learn the basics but it will bring you substantial and sure profit. Learn more about sure betting.

Sure betting profit chart - RebelBetting

One of our sure betting customers’ profit graph – over €7700 profit.

RebelBetting Profit Guarantee

Profit Guarantee

We know our products work.
In fact, we are so confident about it that we offer a Profit Guarantee.
If you don’t make a betting profit in the first month you get another month for free.
Again and again until you profit. We take all the risk.

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FAQ from Oddsportal visitors

OddsPortal and RebelBetting are not the same company. OddsPortal does not operate any service at RebelBetting, nor vice versa. OddsPortal recommends RebelBetting as the software to use when it comes to making money on sports using value bets and sure bets.

Read the Value Betting Compared to Sure betting article and get a great overview of how these two methods differ and how to use both to make money on sports betting. With RebelBetting, you’ll get access to both methods in one beautiful package.

RebelBetting has been offering its services since 2008, and more than a quarter-million customers have successfully used our products since. But don’t take our word for it – check out our excellent Trustpilot reviews or join fellow customers on Discord and see for yourself what the hype is all about! And remember, we’re so confident that our stuff works that we even offer a Profit Guarantee.

With Rebelbetting you can outsmart the bookmakers

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