We are proud to inform you that we have released a new version of RebelBetting with Cross Market Support! Not only can you now bet on regular arbs like 1X2, OU, AH – you can now bet on arbs that mix these markets for you! This significantly boosts the number of arbs available, and often these Cross Market arbs hang around longer – giving you more time to place your arb.

Sounds great, but how does does it work?

What if you could bet on the Asian Handicap market together with the regular 1X2 market? Well, now you can! Cross Market arbs are a mix of two or more different markets.

Example of a Cross Market arb:

  • Team1 @ Bookie1 – AH1(0)
  • Draw   @ Bookie2 – X
  • Team2 @ Bookie3 – 2
  1. If Team1 wins the match, you will win your bet at Bookie1.
  2. If Team2 wins the match, you will win your bet at Bookie3.
  3. If the match ends in a draw, you will get your stake refunded at Bookie1 and win your draw-bet at Bookie2.

Sounds difficult? It isn’t! RebelBetting calculates all this for you, and even shows you what stake you should place, depending on what Cross Market arb it is, what odds are involved and what total stake you have set. The example above is just one Cross Market arb variation. We currently support over 70 Cross Market types, and will be adding more over time.

It has never been easier to bet on Cross Market arbs!

Download now and see for yourself!

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