The Complete ABC

Our e-book about sports arbitrage, the
RebelBetting Arbitrage Boot Camp
(or the ABC) has been heavily updated, and now contains
almost double the amount of information.

New topics in the e-book include for example:

  • How to convert bonuses into cash instantly
  • Paper Trading
  • European Handicaps
  • Cross Markets
  • Lay betting
  • Checklists for successful arbing
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks

The new advanced e-book is only available to subscribers of RebelBetting and is delivered when you purchase at least one week.
This means you get all this value for as low as 9 EUR!
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All current and recent subscribers will soon get an email with a link to download the new e-book for free.

Integrated Calculator and Stake Rounding

Arbitrage Calculator
RebelBetting have been improved with a better arbitrage calculator.
You can choose to have it visible below the arb information at all times, this means
you can modify the stakes and other parameters without opening the betting browser.

We also now have great support for stake rounding. You can round your stakes to even 5 or 10s for example, and you can save your
default rounding on each bookmaker. This will help you stay under the radar when betting.

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