We’re currently looking for new business partners that want to share our success and take part in our expansion strategy.

The potential

  • Up to 50% revenue share

  • Lifetime commission (get paid for every future payment your referral makes)

  • Recurring subscriptions (all our subscription plans automatically renew)

  • High conversion rate (over 54 subscribers per 1000 website visitors from our top partners)

  • Number of sales per month
    Revenue share (up to 50%)

    Monthly earnings

  • The RebelBetting brand

    • The world’s leading value- and sure betting service 

    • +200.000 registered users in +120 countries

    • Market leaders since 2009

    • Our users make an average profit of 32% ROI, monthly

    What we are looking for

    Companies or individuals that can help us market and sell RebelBetting.
    Especially (but not limited) to customers in the following regions: Europe, US, Australia.

    As a selected partner, you will have an exciting opportunity to grow the RebelBetting brand and at the same time make a healthy profit. One current partner reached revenues of 300.000 EUR in the first year promoting RebelBetting products.

    If you’re already a bookmaker affiliate, our product should interest you even more. If you turn a regular sports bettor into an arbitrage trader, you’ll boost your bookmaker affiliate profit many times over as well as getting commission from RebelBetting. Our customers bet more than 100 times larger than the average punter.

    Other opportunities

    You can also get a custom white label version of RebelBetting or handle sales yourself with our bespoke licensing system. Contact me via LinkedIn, or send a message and we can talk about how to begin a profitable partnership.

    Björn Leyonberg
    RebelBetting / Clarobet AB