Get started with a small bankroll


If you have less than €100, you should start bonus hunting with MatchedBetting. You will usually get €100-200 from each new bookmaker in a short while, so earning €1500 in a couple of weeks is common. While investing just a few hours effective time! You can then return to MatchedBetting after a few months when new bonuses appear.


After you have earned all possible bonuses, you can move up to ValueBetting. It’s our latest product, easy to use and with great yearly profits.


If you’re interested in minimizing your risks and bankroll swings, arbitrage trading (sure betting) is more your thing. Depending on your bank roll, we have two different alternatives.

If you have around €1500 or more, you’re ready to move up to RebelBetting, our world famous sports arbitrage software since 2008. The Pro version is an advanced product with very little risk and the same profit potential as value betting.